Perry Scores Points in Radio Debate

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PLYMOUTH – Tenth Congressional District candidate Jeff Perry scored points against his Republican rivals tonight during a debate broadcast live on WATD 95.9FM.

During the hour-long debate, Perry emphasized his campaign theme of calling upon voters to support him and to “Wake Up Washington” by sending a fresh, dynamic and effective new voice to Capitol Hill.

On the topic of illegal immigration, Perry noted his filing of “The Perry Amendment” to block illegal immigrants from receiving public benefits. Perry was the only candidate to offer a four-part plan to secure our borders, including erecting a border fence, preventing illegal immigrants from accessing public benefits, penalizing employers who hire illegal immigrants, and swiftly deporting illegal immigrants who commit a crime. He also reiterated his call for state action on illegal immigration when the federal government fails to act.

Perry distinguished himself on the issue of the Supreme Court nomination of Elena Kagan. Perry was the only candidate to affirmatively say he would not support Kagan for her decisions and policy regarding military recruiters on college campuses. Perry expressed his unconditional support of those serving in the military and our veterans.

On the topic of finances, Perry said, “More government is not the answer. The entrepreneurial spirit of America could solve most of our problems, but it is being hindered by big government.” He also expressed support for presidential line item veto power, he said the so-called “Bush tax cuts” should be made permanent, and he supported repeal of the “death tax” because of its harmful effects on small business.

Saying that “We need people in Washington with the courage to say ‘no,'” Perry also noted that he has been “one of the most outspoken critics of fraud, abuse and corruption on Beacon Hill” throughout his eight years as a state representative. “You know what you get with me,” he said. Perry also said he would be willing to reach across the aisle when necessary. “I am willing to work with either party when it means good government,” he said.

On education, Perry said he would file legislation to allow states like Massachusetts to still apply for federal “Race to the Top” education funding if they have high standards that are working on the state level. He also expressed disappointment with recent decisions to replace the MCAS test with new federal standards.

“I appreciated the opportunity to have a lively discussion about the issues with the other candidates vying for the seat,” said Perry following the debate. “People across Cape Cod and the South Shore are engaged and they are looking for someone who will stand up for what they believe in and who has the political courage to stand up for their values in Washington. They want someone who will hold the line on taxes and spending, work to reduce our national debt, crack down on illegal immigration, protect our nation, and work to find real solutions to problems like unaffordable health care. Forums like tonight’s debate help voters to see exactly where the candidates stand on the issues and what visions they would bring to Washington, D.C.”Tonight’s debate, which was co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters and PACTV, was one of the highest-profile appearances to date by all of the Republican candidates for the Tenth Congressional District seat. Additional debates are planned before the primary election on September 14.

The debate marks the latest in a series of campaign highlights for Perry, who has raised more money than his three other Republican challengers combined, and who has won a series of straw polls conducted by GOP activist groups. Perry’s candidacy has been endorsed by a number of current and former elected officials, including the following:

United States Senator Scott Brown

Former Governor Mitt Romney

Former Lt. Governor Kerry Healey

Barnstable Superior Court Clerk Scott Nickerson

Barnstable County Commissioner Bill Doherty

Rep. Vinny deMacedo (R-Plymouth)

Rep. Robert Hargraves (R-Groton)

Rep. Paul Frost (R-Auburn)

Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Pemboke)

Barnstable County Sheriff James Cummings

Sen. Joanne Spraque (R-Walpole), Retired/Chatham

Rep. Thomas George (R-Yarmouth), Retired

Rep. Shirley Gomes (R-Harwich), Retired

Wayne Covell, former Bourne Delegate, Barnstable Assembly

Dennis Fonseca, former Sandwich Delegate, Barnstable Assembly

Marcia King, Mashpee Delegate, Barnstable Assembly

Anthony Scalese, Brewster Delegate, Barnstable Assembly

Charlotte Striebel, Yarmouth Delegate and former Speaker, Barnstable Assembly

Alice George, President of Cape Cod Women’s Republican Club

Michael Jones of Plymouth, 2004 Republican Congressional Candidate, 10th Massachusetts

Jim Rappaport, former Chairman of Mass GOP, member of RNC and candidate

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