Patriot Ledger: Accusations begin to fly in 10th District Race

The Patriot Ledger of Quincy has a story about yesterdays 10th District Debates.  They are now a pay on-line newspaper so only a preview is available.  

Job creation and immigration reform. Extending tax cuts vs. cutting the deficit. The fate of unemployment benefits.

Candidates for Congress in the 10th District outlined their views on a range of issues Monday night in the first wide-ranging debate to feature both parties’ candidates.

Democrats William Keating and Robert O’Leary traded their sharpest barbs yet, each accusing the other of reversing course on the offshore Cape Wind project and disagreeing on whether Americans will have to retire at a later age to rescue the Social Security system.

Republicans focused on hammering Democrats instead of each other.

Joseph Malone, one of four GOP candidates, summed up the district’s mood this way: “They’re being smothered by this big, intrusive high-taxing, high-spending government.”

The Democrats gave better marks to their party’s leaders. Asked to grade Gov. Deval Patrick and President Barack Obama’s performance, Keating gave a pair of Bs while O’Leary went with a B+ and an A.

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