On three of the eleven questions, Baker’s position on life is the same as Cahill’s.

Looking at Charlie Baker’s top ten policy questions page released on October 9, 2009, it seems as though Charlie Baker’s position on life is the same as Tim Cahill’s.

On the large question absent from MCFL’s questionaire on whether or not he’s “pro-choice”, he like Cahill is.  On partial birth abortion, like Tim Cahill he is against it. Finally on parental notification, like Tim Cahill he is for it.  

9)    What is your position on abortion?

I’m Pro-Choice.  I support a woman’s right to choose.  That said, I’m opposed to Partial Birth Abortion, and support Parental Notification up to age 18.

I got to that page with a quick google search of; Charlie Baker Partial Birth Abortion.  It seems as though in making their endorsement the MCFL PAC didn’t do that.  How else could you explain the following statement from their press release.

The other gubernatorial candidates have publicly stated their support for the pro-choiceposition.  In other words, they support abortion and take anti-life positions on the other life issues.”

This statement in their press release is demonstrably false, as a quick google search shows.  Besides the fact that MCFL is shocked that Cahill has a pro-choice position as stated in today’s Boston Globe. Charlie Baker on two of the questions on the questionnaire and the big one that should have been has the same position as Tim Cahill.

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