Obama to appear on ‘The View’.

President Barack Obama will brave the whirlwind of investigative journalism and appear on ‘The View’ this coming Thursday. He will be the first sitting US President to waste his time appear on a daytime talk show.  In a flurry of excitement over the appearance Barabara Walters will be resuscitated present for the occassion after having undergone heart surgery.

While other Presidents have appeared on news shows, none have braved the solid and calculated questioning that Obama will receive on The View.  No doubt they will hit him with tough questions such as: “How wonderful are you?” and “Why can’t we change that stupid Constitution so you can be President forever?”.

Luckily the President has no unruly issues on his radar at the moment.  Afterall, the economy is humming along, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a sure victory any day now, spending is under control, the voters love what is happening in Washington, racism is gone, healthcare is free, the federal government is a finely tuned machine, the Gulf of Mexico is squeaky clean and Joe Bidens hair is growing back.  What more could we want?

Certainly, some of the hate-filled racist skeptics will charge Obama with playing politics.  They will file ridiculous complaints about Obama having been on vacation for about 45 of the last 60 days.  Why can’t they just give the clown guy a break?

Newsflash: Next week Obama will be appearing on “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?” and then he will stage a dance off in the next episode of “Glee”.  

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