Newsflash: MTA endorses Patrick…and Grossman

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I bother posting this only as a wake-up call to our right-leaning Cahill supporters that we MUST rally the troops behind the only electable candidate for governor who will unequivocally stand up to the MTA and all teachers’ unions, in support of the children of the Commonwealth. It’s not about one guy– Tim Cahill vs. Charlie Baker — this is about all of the people whose lives will be negatively impacted by (at least) 4 more years of Deval Patrick’s mismanagement and backwards priorities. 1 million children will be affected by his policies which put the interests of teachers’ union members over children.…

At a meeting in Natick, the board of directors of the Massachusetts Teachers Association recommended that its 107,000 teachers, professors, and support personnel vote for Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray on Nov. 2.

Why did they support him?

The directors also were impressed with Patrick’s willingness to consult union leaders and teachers on school overhaul efforts…

In other words, they were impressed by the Patrick Administration’s INACTIVITY with regard to school district accountability.  The only thing the Patrick Administration seems to be doing in the education arena is adding high-paying jobs to the state payroll, as Pioneer’s Jim Stergios notes:

If you add in the newly minted education secretary’s position and another nine to 10 positions at the Executive Office of Education at a cost of $1 million, the overall increase in state funds spent on state education office salaries since 2002 is 50 percent. All as we ratchet back support for local schools, where the teaching and learning are actually happening.…

Clearly, we need new leadership to get education reform back on track and keep the “me-first” unions at bay. Just as Chris Christie is catching fire in New Jersey for using his bully pulpit against Big Labor, so will Charlie Baker!

I got a good chuckle reading an article that mentioned a verbal exchange between Chris Christie and a teacher who was whining about her salary, and turned out to have been lying through her teeth:

Rita Wilson, an employee of the Rutherford school district, explained to Christie that if she were paid $3 an hour for each of the 30 children in her class, she would be earning $83,000. She added that she made “nowhere near that.” Waving her finger at Christie, she said, “You’re not compensating me for my education, you’re not compensating me for my experience.” Christie dared her to quit: “You know what? You don’t have to do it.” The audience erupted in cheers. It turned out Wilson’s base salary was $86,389, plus benefits.…  

She should take Governor Christie’s advice and find another job– with her acting skills, she could make a killing in Hollywood!

These are the kinds of theatrics we can look forward to in this coming Fall election season– just like in 2006, we’ll see TV ads showing kids nervously and frantically taking tests with a noisy clock ticking in the background, in an effort to scare parents out of voting for Charlie Baker, who supports the MCAS– what they won’t tell you is that the MCAS is not a timed test. These are alarmist, fear-mongering tactics that appeal to people’s emotions, when we should be encouraging all parents and educational professionals to hold kids to higher standards and expectations.  

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