My Simplified Gaming Bill, or a Slot Machine on Every Corner and a Blackjack Table in Every Bar

(Rep Diehl just put up a facebook message that they are voting on amendments.  The below would be a great one.  Strike the whole bill, replace it with the below.

– promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

The grand poobah’s on Beacon Hill can’t seem to get their hands around a casino bill that everybody can support.  Here is what I would file if I were a representative.

Whereas true economic freedom is hurt by restrictions on economic activity, all forms of gambling are hereby legal.  This includes games of chance, games of skills, parimutuel wagering on sporting events, and parimutuel wagering on the outcome of events and elections.

Gaming licenses shall cost an establishment on a per annum basis $500 per table game, $250 per slot machine, and $2500 for a bookmaking operation.  In addition all net gaming revenue after expenses shall be taxed at a 25% rate.  

All revenues from gaming licenses and taxes shall go directly to municipalities as local aid.  The local aid shall be distributed on a population basis. In addition a municipality may place an additional 2.5% tax on all net gaming revenue.

That’s it folks. Quick, simple, easy and it does away with the no-bid contracts.  Let’s just make gambling legal.  It’s the right thing to do.

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