Massachusetts Citizens for Life Endorses Jeff Perry for Congress!

MCFLEqualsJeff Perry for Congress

Massachusetts Citizens for Life Federal PAC

Endorses Jeff Perry for 10th Congressional District Seat

Boston The Massachusetts Citizens for Life Federal PAC, the political arm of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, has endorsed Jeff Perry for Congress in the Tenth Congressional District.

According to Jack Rowe, Chairman of the Fed PAC,  “As a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Jeff Perry has been a strong advocate for life.  He even voted against state funding of embryonic stem cell research.”

Rowe further stated, “Perry opposes tax funding of abortion and takes a pro-life position on all important issues.  He also will work to replace Obamacare with ethical, affordable health care for all.  Jeff Perry has proven his commitment to protect our most vulnerable citizens our unborn children.  Jeff Perrys record should earn him the support of all voters who are concerned with the right to life and the protection of the most vulnerable members of the human family.”

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  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    Given their recent track record I was expecting them to endorse another pro-choice candidate for this post.

  • As a voter in the 10th district, and one who supports pro-life candidates, I was proud to see the MCFL endorse Perry. He has a track record of standing up for his principles and the multitude of community leaders, organizations and political figures is a testament to that fact.

    Congrats, Perry.

  • I’m sure that the Citizens for Child Molestation would not endorse Jeff Perry.

    Jeff Perry is a “Child Molester Enabler”, read the details below. Please read the facts

  • It is quite clear that we have a friend and voice in Representative Perry, the person who consistently advocates for unborn children and the importance of family and family values.

    Representative Perry’s endorsements are very impressive and outline the respect he has earned for being an outspoken and effective Legislator on Beacon Hill.  His experience and ability to get things accomplished shine through.

    Thank you Mass Citizens for Life for adding your name to the growing list of inspirational endorsements of the fine candidate we have in Jeff Perry for Congress.  

    I have no doubt that he will serve us well in Washington and continue to be our voice of protection.

  • Jeff Perry has proven that he is pro-life in his time at the legislature, and he deserves this endorsement. Perry’s stance on every issue is well known because he has an eight year record of consistent voting, and this is exactly what we need in Washinton, someone with principles who does not fray from them. Great work Jeff!

  • It’s nice to see we have one true conservative in this race.

  • endorses the only real Conservative in the race. Good job Jeff

  • I agree with Make It Red…Perry is the one true conservative in the 10th Congressional Race.  Now, can we all stop with the police stuff.  It has no traction, nor truth…with the most important being the second!  GO JEFF GO!

  • I guess the pro-choice wing of our party are late risers.

    I do not see how being anti-choice makes someone more “conservative”.  I think the government should be small and limited.  That is a conservative.  Extending the reach of the federal government into a doctor’s office, seems a bit too far for me.

    This endorsement won’t go over as well with real world voters as it does with this board.  My main frustration with this board, some seem to care more about winning in September than winning in November.

  • recognized as the best candidate for the MA 10th Congressional District!  Throughout the past 8 years on Beacon Hill, Jeff has demonstrated over and over again that he is a man of strong principles.  

    Jeff Perry is a man we can trust to do the right thing for his constituents, the commonwealth and the COUNTRY!