MA-06 Congressional Preview w/ poll

Bill hudak for Congress Rob McCarthy for Congress Massachusetts 6th congressional district has a PVI of D+7.  It is the 131th most Democratic district in the nation, and the 2nd most Republican district in Massachusetts.  In 2008, Incumbent John Tierney (D) defeated Richard Baker (R) by a 70% to 30% margin.  This year Tierneys is being challenged by Bill Hudak (R) and Robert J. McCarthy Jr. (R).  David Michael Sukoff (R) is not on the ballot according to the Secretary of State’s office.

Bill Hudak is a practicing attorney and founder of Hudak Law Offices in 1986.  A former President of the Saugus Rotary Club, he has also owned businesses in travel, real estate and vending.  Bill Hudak is campaigning against reckless spending, for lower taxes, for the repeal of Obamacare, and other issues.  He has raised $487,989 ($215,628 from the candidate) and has $126,235 cash on hand.  More information is available on his website

Rob McCarthy is an attorney in private practice and former Major in the U.S. Marine Corps who served in Operation Desert Storm.  He is campaigning for the Economy and Jobs, Energy and the Environment, Education, and other issues.  He has raised $27,816 ($27,010 from the candidate) and has $26,261 cash on hand.  More information is available on his website

John Tierney has raised $561,697 and has $1,550,056 cash on hand.


Recommendation:  Bill Hudak.  Bill is a strong conservative and dynamic campaigner.  His impressive financial position makes the MA-6 competitive.

Republican Primary Prediction:  Bill Hudak 75%, Rob McCarthy 25%

General Election Prediction:  John Tierney 54% Bill Hudak 46%.  The 6th Congressional district is a race to watch.  Bill Hudak began campaigning almost immediately following the 2008 elections and has made a lot of noise.  He has raised more money that any Republican Congressional candidate in Massachusetts including Jeff Perry and Joe Malone.

The MA-6 is the second most Republican district in the state, and was formerly held by Peter Torkildsen (R) in the 90’s.  It is the only race (other than the 10th) Real Clear Politics has as a competitive race on their map.  Much like the MA-5, if the 2010 wave is big enough we have an outside chance to take this one.

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  • I live in the 1st Congressional District and can’t vote for Bill but this is fantastic news!  Bill can win in November.  

  • Stay on that conservative message and keep up the great work Bill.

    The voters have had enough of the wasteful spending and reckless legislation. They recognize hard work and will appreciate your accountability!  

    It’s our time and your time!

  • I’ll accept your percentages.  But it will be Bill Hudak 54%, John Tierney 46%.

    I’ve been supporting Bill since I first saw him a year ago, standing on top of a SUV with a megaphone in Peabody Square beside Tierney’s office, challenging Tierney to come out and hold a town meeting on the health care bill (when the Congressman refused, Bill held one himself at a local conference center; there was no question about that bill he couldn’t answer.) He’s the best natural candidate I’ve ever seen; has more energy, determination and “can do” attitude than we could have hoped for in our best chance to take back America.

  • If Hudak gets to 40, that should be considered a victory.

    With all due respect to Barbara, Hudak is not the ideal Republican candidate. He has toned it down a bit, but it wasn’t too long ago that he drove around in a graffiti’d truck, and had a Obama/Osama sign in front of his house. It is nice red meat for the 12% of Republicans in the district, but unfortunately it is hard to run away from who you are.

    The money raising is impressive, as his commitment, but regardless of Hudak as a candidate, the district is just not winnable.

    While we all get fired up about Brown, and how well he did – we must remember that was an open seat. On the same exact day, if Brown goes up against Kerry, he gets throttled. Tierney is a 6-term incumbent. They just don’t lose. I know there is enthusiasm for Revolution 2010, but the war can be won while losing a few battles, and some are destined to be lost. Look at ’94 as the example. Of the 50+ seats that changed hands, virtually all of them were open seats, or 1 term incumbents. Of the seats that were multi-term incumbents, they were all in Republican leaning districts.

    Tierney is an entrenched incumbent, with plenty of money (and he hasn’t really started fundraising in earnest), and regardless of the Brown vote, the 6th is a Democratic district.

    But not to be Debbie Downer, there are probably 5 very winnable seats in New England. Currently we have 0. So winning a few will be huge, and go along way towards winning back the House. MA-10 is a toss-up. It is an open seat. There is a reason two top-tier candidates are running there, while many potentially solid candidates are not running in the 6th (Healey, Cousins, Tarr). I think the focus in MA needs to be on winning the 10th. That is the key battle to win here.  

  • Bill Hudak has a very robust campaign underway. On July 18th he hosted a big event at the North Shore Music Theatre that attracted some 500 people. In fact, this was one of the largest events of this campaign cycle. Guest hosts included Todd Feinburg, Jeff Katz and Barabara Anderson.

  • As a newcomer to politics, Bill Hudak has demonstrated he is focused on the issues that drove him to run- the worsening economy and need to create jobs, the growing government intrusion in our lives, and the out of control spending, to name a few.  He doesn’t change with the wind and is true to his conservative values. He’ll be a refreshing change from the incumbent – a sycophant of Pelosi.

  • If Hudak was such a great candidate, why is he on his third or fourth campaign team? His whole campaign team quit on Monday and he is working frantically to replace them.

    I think there’s more to the story.