MA-06 Congressional Preview w/ poll

Bill hudak for Congress Rob McCarthy for Congress Massachusetts 6th congressional district has a PVI of D+7.  It is the 131th most Democratic district in the nation, and the 2nd most Republican district in Massachusetts.  In 2008, Incumbent John Tierney (D) defeated Richard Baker (R) by a 70% to 30% margin.  This year Tierneys is being challenged by Bill Hudak (R) and Robert J. McCarthy Jr. (R).  David Michael Sukoff (R) is not on the ballot according to the Secretary of State’s office.

Bill Hudak is a practicing attorney and founder of Hudak Law Offices in 1986.  A former President of the Saugus Rotary Club, he has also owned businesses in travel, real estate and vending.  Bill Hudak is campaigning against reckless spending, for lower taxes, for the repeal of Obamacare, and other issues.  He has raised $487,989 ($215,628 from the candidate) and has $126,235 cash on hand.  More information is available on his website

Rob McCarthy is an attorney in private practice and former Major in the U.S. Marine Corps who served in Operation Desert Storm.  He is campaigning for the Economy and Jobs, Energy and the Environment, Education, and other issues.  He has raised $27,816 ($27,010 from the candidate) and has $26,261 cash on hand.  More information is available on his website

John Tierney has raised $561,697 and has $1,550,056 cash on hand.


Recommendation:  Bill Hudak.  Bill is a strong conservative and dynamic campaigner.  His impressive financial position makes the MA-6 competitive.

Republican Primary Prediction:  Bill Hudak 75%, Rob McCarthy 25%

General Election Prediction:  John Tierney 54% Bill Hudak 46%.  The 6th Congressional district is a race to watch.  Bill Hudak began campaigning almost immediately following the 2008 elections and has made a lot of noise.  He has raised more money that any Republican Congressional candidate in Massachusetts including Jeff Perry and Joe Malone.

The MA-6 is the second most Republican district in the state, and was formerly held by Peter Torkildsen (R) in the 90’s.  It is the only race (other than the 10th) Real Clear Politics has as a competitive race on their map.  Much like the MA-5, if the 2010 wave is big enough we have an outside chance to take this one.

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