MA-03 Congressional Preview w/ poll.

Bob Chipman for Congress Bob Delle for Congress Massachusetts 3rd congressional district has a PVI of D+9.  It is the 119th most Democratic district in the nation, and the 5th most Republican district in Massachusetts.   In 2008, Incumbent Jim McGovern (D) was unopposed.  This year, McGovern is being challenged by a crowded field of Robert J. Chipman (R), Robert A. Delle (R), Brian J. Herr (R), Martin A. Lamb (R), Michael P. Stopa (R), and Patrick Barron (U).

Bob Chipman is a School Committee member in the King Philip Regional School District and lives in Plainville.  He is running on a platform of Healthcare, National Security, Size of Government, and Voice in Congress.  More informaion is available on his website

Bob Delle is a medical malpractice attorney from Westborough.  He is running on a conservative Pro-Grown, Pro-Values, Pro-Family platform.  He believers in the “supremacy of the individual over the collective” and is in opposition to the “purposeful degradation of traditional American values.”  More information is available on his website

Brian Herr for Congress
Brian Herr currently serves as  as New England District Manager for large electrical wholesaler with locations throughout North America.  He is a Former Chairman of the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen and a current Board Member for the Metro West Regional Transit Authority.  Brian Herr was considering a Run for Treasurer, but withdrew to run for Congress around the time Karyn Polito announced.  He is running on a platform including job creation, lower taxes,reducing spending and border security.  According to the 2nd quarter filings with the FEC, Brian Herr has raised $66,502 and has $23,347 cash on hand.  More information is available on his website

Marty Lamb for CongressMike Stopa for CongressMarty Lamb is a real estate attorney from Holliston who has owned his own firm since 1996.  He is running on a platform including the balanced budget amendment, the line item veto, limiting government spending to rate of inflation, a hiring freeze for all non-essential employees, paying off debt, establishing a “Sunset Committee” and taking back the unspent TARP funds.  He is opposed to new entitlements, off-budget expenditures and all bailouts.   Unfortunately, Marty Lamb’s 2nd quarter filings are not yet available on the FEC website.  When they are made available I will update this post.  According to his 1st quarter filings with the FEC (3/31), Marty Lamb had raised $6,746 and had $2,883 cash on hand.  More information is available on his website

Mike Stopa is a Physicist specializing in computation and nanoscience in the Physics Department at Harvard University. He is the director of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network Computation Project and a recognized expert on nanoscale electronics and computation. He has over 75 publications and over a thousand citations to his work in the physics literature.  He has written detailed position papers entitled Fiscal Sanity, Global Warming, Healthcare, Illegal Aliens, Jobs, My Platform, The Ryan Plan and War on Terror.  These and be read on his website

Incumbent Jim McGovern has raised $1,068,961 this year and has $822,957 cash on hand.  Unenrolled Patrick Barron has raised $3,167 and has $1,913 cash on hand.  Bob Chipman, Bob Delle and Mike Stopa do not show any funds raised at this time.


MA-03 Recommendation:  The 3rd Congressional district is my home district, and at this point in time I am leaning towards voting for Mike Stopa.  Defeating Jim McGovern is a tall order, but I believe Mike Stopa has the potential to represent us best.  I have heard him speak and he comes across as a person with tremendous intellect and depth of knowledge on a wide variety of issues.  The Republican Party is well served by his presence in the marketplace of ideas.

Republican Primary Prediction:  Marty Lamb 38%, Brian Herr 37%, Mike Stopa 15%, Bob Chipman 5%, Bob Delle 5%.  At this point in time, the 3rd Congressional race is shaping up as a two man field between Lamb and Herr.  Marty Lamb has been campaigning the longest and wins the race for pure volume of campaigning.  Brian Herr has done much less retail politics, but has the most money.  Marty Lamb has arguably the deepest support among “Tea Party” organizations, while Herr has the most support among traditional/establishment Republicans.

While Lamb is certainly beatable, I give him a tiny edge at this point in time for three reasons.  First, Republican primaries are traditionally low turnout affairs.  Second, I suspect most politically educated unerolled voters will be pulling Democratic ballots to vote for (or against) Guy Glodis.  Third, the crowded field further reduces the number of raw votes needed to win.  These turnout dynamics tend to favor the areas where Lamb is strongest.

Mike Stopa has made some noise very recently and has the potential for positive earned media and a late surge.  Neither Chipman nor Delle has gained much traction at this point.

General Election Prediction:  McGovern 63%, Lamb 35%, Barron 2%.

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  • vote is based on bio only.herr.mcgovern has a fight on his hands.this is no cake walk.i think this c.d. has the most republican’s running for congress than any the state.

  • In an election year when people are calling for something other than the usual politician, Mike Stopa has stepped up to offer the people of Massachusetts a truly new choice.  The fact that he is a physicist from Harvard is not, by itself, a reason to elect him.  It does, however, tell us two very important things: 1) Mike Stopa is a man who understands the importance of gathering all the information and studying it before jumping to any conclusions and 2) Mike Stopa is a man who is not afraid to stick to his own point of view even when surrounded almost entirely by people who disagree with him.  

    I also believe that Mike is truly the best informed on all of the issues, and has a deep understanding of the challenges facing Massachusetts and the country.  

  • Stopa is the only one that has a shot against McGovern.  Listen to them talk and spend some time on their websites — Stopa has thoughtful and intelligent comments and ideas while the others recite tired cliches and puffery. Maybe that’s why Stopa was invited to Hannity and his OpEd appeared in the Globe.

  • Mike Stopa has made some noise very recently and has the potential for positive earned media and a late surge.  I agree – I am leaning towards Mike Stopa for MA 3rd, US Congress, — We need someone in our House of Representatives that is a great communicator as any representative gets his/her chance to make a speech on the floor of the House to influence votes.  So Far, Stopa, to me seems the most influential, while adhering to a fiscally conservative philosophy.  Tough race – A few really good candidates here.  

  • Marty Lamb is definitely my congressman of choice.  While the others just talk about the sorry state of MA and America, Mr. Lamb actually has plans! He has put out a 10 point Federal spending cut plan and a 7 point plan on illegal immigration. He has created his own business so he knows what it’s like to create jobs.  He has signed both the back AND the front of a check!  I want a Congressman who has ideas behind his words and intelligence behind his plans.   I AM VOTING FOR MARTY LAMB.  He is CLEARLY the one who can beat McGovern.

  • Marty Lamb certainly has cultivated the grassroots and has Tea Party support. He’s been running strong for about a year and a half. He’s not a post Scott Brown candidate. He’s the only candidate with plans, ideas, and solutions. He has a strong farm team and field operation. That’s what it takes to win a primary and best McGovern. You can’t buy a nomination with money and mailers and ads. Voters know who is working and who will take the fight to November. Marty is the only conservative in this race, and the grassroots knows it, and the Tea Partiers know it. He is well versed on the issues and won the Attleboro debate. He does very well on radio and is the real McCoy. We don’t need establishment candidates. They lose. They’ve been losing around the country already in primaries. They lose in general elections as well. Establishment = RINO = LOSER. McGovern is already afraid of Marty Lamb, sees him everywhere, lots of face time. McGovern knows Marty Lamb is the strongest. We need a Congressman Marty Lamb to work for us, and he has been showing for the last year and a half how hard he works and how well and how much support he attracts.

  • or a lot of the “I support so and so” posts being generated by accounts opened on the day Mike puts these up?

  • I am totally new and just read the information for the first time. After careful consideration I have decided…….  

    OK, just kidding, I have been working with Mike Stopa since the beginning. We are the only team that has brought national media coverage into this. We have more events planned with national media. We have local media connections that should become evident soon.

    Its too bad all these guys had to run at once. They are all great guys. I especially like Robert Chipman who is one of the finest gentlemen you could meet.

    But Mike can generate national media attention, and that may be the only thing that could unseat McGovern. McGovern has a ton of cash and we can expect to get nothing from the national party.  

    That said, the moment the primary is over whoever wins can expect my unconditional support and as much of my time as I can spare.  

    So with that I say good luck and congratulations to you all. You’re all supporting fine candidates. Whatever happens we cannot let infighting take hold. We are all on the same team.

  • Folks,

    Getting on a TV program does not win a primary, nor a general election. Mark my words. It takes name ID and visibility with voters, and that takes time to build with field operations. We will get help from the national party once we have a nominee. NRCC will give money. Our congressional candidates have been on radio and that helps, too, since it is the alternative media.

    We see the same thing in the Governor’s race. Charlie needs the name ID and visibility which is why so many of us have been out there marching with him in parades, etc. He has also done 40 radio shows in a month. There are many of us out here doing field operations for him, too, and he has the money for ads for sure. But, he’s not relying on that. He can’t. He’s got all of us doing field ops, too.

    That’s the cold hard truth, folks.

  • Mike Stopa has a deep understanding of all the issues which is evident after seeing his website.  He definately has the most information available.  I am also impressed by his recent appearance on the Sean Hannity show.  

  • I’m a very conservative 3rd cd voter.  I’m very excited about all the great candidates, and I’m supporting Marty Lamb.  He’s a real conservative and we won’t have to be making Scott Brown excuses after he gets elected.  That being said, I am supporting wholeheartedly whomever is the candidate after the primary.  We need to remember we are all on the same team and support each other to get rid of this socialist son of a bitch.

  • I first heard Mike Stopa speak at a Northborough Tea Party candidates night. I listened to him and all the other primary candidates in the 3rd district. I agreed with all of them, but Mike seemed to have a greater grasp of the issues. Best of all, unlike the others, while he took the issues very seriously, he didn’t take himself seriously. He has a self-deprecating sense of humor that makes you like the guy. At least, that’s the way I feel about it.

    That’s probably why he was invited to the Hannity show. For these reasons, I like Mike better than the other good candidates in the District, although I’ll support any of them wholeheartedly against McGovern. I just think Mike has the personality and sense of the issues to be the strongest candidate in the general election.  

  • Stopa’s been on national tv (Hannity), and is saying now that he’ll be on WRKO 680 this Friday. Someone told me he was on Red Eye.  We need to circle around the clear front runner.  They’re all good, but Mike seems to have national credibility and good attract more donations.  

  • all the GOP candidates speak multiple times, and I attended the debate in June.  Mike had an excellent showing, but  I’d have to give a slight edge to Marty in the debate.  

    The only one that seemed viable (in that he has been elected to office) was Herr….but my “gut instinct” for what it’s worth was he was just a bit too slick (but as I said…just me).  

    I was firmly in the  Marty camp until recently  I had several interactions with Mike and I must admit I’m leaning more in his direction.  His recent Op-Ed in the Globe, appearances on Fox, and radio have shown he is getting some exposure which I was most concerned with when I first saw him.  And I must confess I too have become a bit weary of electing more lawyers to office.  Stoppa is clearly an exceedingly bright individual and I think more likely to ask simple questions like “Why” rather than just assume a position for no reason other than ideology.  

    I think a thorough of review of circumstances/conditions and formulation of ideas would be warranted given the behavior of recent administrations and congress.  Doesn’t matter if we understand the problem….we have a solution already seems to be the mantra lately.

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