MA-02 Congressional Preview w/ poll.

Massachusetts 2nd congressional district has a More information is available at his website PVI of D+9.  It is the 117th most Democratic district in the nation, and the 4th most Republican district in Massachusetts.  In 2008, Incumbent Richard Neal (D) was unopposed.  This year, Neal is being challenged by Jay S. Fleitman (R) and Thomas A. Wesley (R).

Jay Fleitman for congress Dr. Jay Fleitman has an impressive resume in both medicine and business.  He is the immediate past president of the medical staff and member of the board of trustees of the Cooley Dickinson Hospital, was the medical director of 2 different medical plans, and has served as a small business owner for over 20 years.  In his public life, Dr. Fleitman is a former school committeeman in his hometown of Northampton and currently serves as his ward chairman for the Northampton Republican City Committee.

Dr. Fleitman is running on a platform of Health Care Reform (including mandatory catastrophic insurance), lower taxes and spending, and opposition to “Cap and Trade” legislation.  According to the 2nd quarter filings with the FEC, Jay Fleitman has raised $89,485 and has $15,899 cash on hand.  More information is available at his website

Tom Wesley for Congress

In the military, Tom Welsey is a former Navy pilot who has worked assignments in the Pentagon as a member of the Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  In business, Tom Wesley has worked as an executive in Fortune 500 companies and as an entrepreneur in a small business start up.  In his personal life, Tom Wesley has earned the rank of Eagle Scout and serves as a teacher and moderator in his local church.

Tom Wesley is running on a platform of the Economy, Jobs, Homeland Security, Health Care Reform, and Education.  Unfortunately, Tom Wesley’s 2nd quater filings are not yet available on the FEC website.  When they are made available I will update this post.  According to his 1st quarter filings with the FEC (3/31), Tom Wesleay had raised $50,228 and had $26,797 cash on hand.  More information is available at his website

Incumbent Richard Neal has raised $1,679,797 year to date and has $2,974,164 cash on hand.


MA-02Recommendation:  Both Fleitman and Wesley are decent candidates.  However, I believe Wesley is running a better campaign.  While his FEC numbers are not yet available, he already had more cash on hand 3 months ago than Fleitman has currently.  Furthermore, Wesley has superior new media operations and anecdotal evidence suggests better retail politics as well.  At this time I believe Tom Wesley will make a stronger candidate and has my soft recommendation over Dr. Fleitman.

Republican Primary Prediction:  Tom Wesley 62% Jay Fleitman 38%

General Election Prediction:  Richard Neal (D) 59%, Tom Wesley (R) 41%.

The Massachusetts 2nd Congressional district has been trending more Republican over time.  The towns in south Worcester County become more Republican and a larger percentage of the district.  In 2008, it voted slightly more Republican than the 3rd congressional district, formerly held by Peter Blute (R).  Both Wesley and Fleitman have quality resumes and are running real campaigns.  The Republican nominee will have raised six figures, done a fair amount of retail politics, and caught a good year in 2010.  Unfortunately, Neal’s near $3 Million on hand will prove difficult to overcome.  I expect a decent showing, but not victory at this time.

For this poll, and future polls, I will list all candidates regardless of party in a single selection poll.  It is not intended to reflect either a primary or general election ballot.

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  • I also believe Tom is the better candidate, for two reasons his work experience, includes Military and Global business experience and his ease with anyone and everyone, I have seen Tom in large crowds and smaller gatherings and he always looks comfortable.

  • That’s sort of a catchphrase in southern Worcester County. Neal is so arrogant, he skipped his own party convention to hold a $10,000 per person fundraiser on Cape Cod. Kind of like Timmy Murray working himself to exhaustion, while his boss Deval Patrick enjoys the weekend relaxing at home.

    Tom Wesley has my primary vote.

  • I recently had the opportunity to hear both the candidates speak at a small gathering. Wesley not only looked the most comfortable, but he had an air of confidence about him.

    I didn’t feel like Fleitman really feels he can win the seat whereas Wesley believes he will not only win the primary but the general election as well.  

  • As most of you probably know I am probably the strongest vocal supporter of Tom Wesley on here… Hell the only other candidate I’m probably more vocal about is mr. Ferro pounds fist on table.

    It should be noted that Tom has been given the endorsements of the Webster Republican Town Committee, the Douglas Republican Town Committee, the Hopedale Republican Committee, the Wales Republican Town Committee and the UNANIMOUS support of the Springfield Republican City Committee. I know of at least 3 other committees who would vote for him too if either A. their own by-laws let the or B. if their chairman didn’t endorse Jay and supress a vote.

    Our biggest issue will be Springfield. But if we can go door to door in certain areas of the city and phonebank, we could capture 40% of the city which is a bi of a feat when you consider Brown got 37% of the vote. Anything above 42% in Springfield for Tom and, depending on total voter turnout in the city, means that we win the district.

  • Neal, the encumbent is politically entrenched and has long worn out his “welcome” to the voters in Massachusetts.  He is nothing more than a talking head for Obama and Pelosi and has voted 98% along “Pelosi lines”.  That being said, he is NOT an option.  Of the other two,  I support Tom Wesley all the way.  I have researched both of their websites, and listened to both candidates.  First and foremost, Tom is a Veteran who believes (and actually has) served this great country.  He has a confidence about him without any air of arrogance.  Fleitman appears to “specialize” in the Health care bill, but as far as resumes, job, life experience, budgetary experience, and common sense as well national and international business experience.  I have also seen Fleitman “lose his cool” when challenged about his position.  Wesley maintains his professional demeanor while articulating responses to the questions, even when challenged.  I have also seen Fleitman KNOWINGLY violate rules of a local event.  Our parade in Monson stated NO CAMPAIGNING. He KNEW that and disregarded the rules of this event.  What makes me think he would use any greater integrity and respect when representing this district. Tom is the honest choice who not only has the experience, is committed, but lives life by the rules and truly cares

  • I’ve said this on here before, but it seems worth pointing this out again. I met Jay Fleitman first and he’s on the right track. But, I think a candidate has to be two things: 1) a strong conservative and 2) a great communicator, and I believe Tom has the edge on both of these, especially the latter. After Tom came to visit our RTC, our decision as a group was quick and unanimous in favor of Tom.

    A couple months ago, I was attending a tea party event where both Jay and Tom were giving their speeches. Tom was first and gave a very rousing speech where there was massive crowd approval, cheers, and a lot of sign waiving for Tom. Whereas when Jay spoke a couple speeches later, he gave a very dry, inexpressive speech and there was just about NO crowd participation. I almost felt bad for him.

    We should be clear that raising crowd approval in and of itself is not grounds for election (think Barack), but when the messages are both conservative, you got to have somebody that can bring the undecides his way!

    Without any hesitation my vote is for Tom.

  •   I have been working for Jay since I met him at the Scott Brown Headquarters in Holyoke.  Jay and Mary Lou were working the ‘phones.

     I first heard him speak to a group of Viet Nam vets in Chicopee and it was more like a conversation in your living room than a stump speech.

     While Jay’s political experience has been limited to the Northampton School Committee and the Board of Health, (Chairman), these are positions that debate and discuss decisions that effect the lives of the residents of Northampton.

     The reception that he has received throughout the District has been enthusiastic.

  • Dr Jay Fleitman is the best candidate to beat Richard Neal. He is vast support in the western part of the state, which is the population center in this district. Dr Fleitman is not a career politician, who is looking to serve his country, not make a career move. I have listened to both candidates speak, and I feel that Dr Fleitman has the most to offer this district and Massachusetts. According to the, he is leading in fundraising, and everywhere I see him, he has the largest support.

    No matter the outcome of the September primary, either Dr Fleitman or Mr Wesley will have my support against Richard Neal. Both are honorable men putting service to their country ahead of their careers. I just feel that Dr Fleitman is the better candidate and he has my full support and backing in this election season.

  • RedMassGroup just put up a article with a poll where you can vote for your favorite candidate to face Richard Neal in the fall. Within minutes, Wesley’s supporters (all twenty-five of them) were all over this. To read article, go to… and scroll down to article on MA-2 District.

    This is the first line of an email I got from Dr. Jay tonight.  It totally changes my view of him and I will not be attending any of his functions nor supporting him.  Can we say sour grapes?

  • Jay Fleitman, M.D. does not flaunt the fact he is a physician.  No.  He is not rah-rah candidate, but show me a candidate anywhere who can articulate opposition to Obamacare.  He knows the bill inside and out. Neal is very compelling to the electorate of his pursuation.  Jay can eat his lunch. In addition he is a business owner.  Wesley works for a big corporation. Which one knows more about payroll taxes, retraining taxes, corporate excise taxes,FICA, frivolous malpractice suits – a MAJOR part of health care costs and unrecognized in Obamacare.

    Would you rather hear about getting China to play on a level playing on a level field or Mom and apple pie.  The voters want to hear facts not rah rah on all the intrusions on our liberties.  Subjects we are all in accord with.

    Jay’s by far the more knowledgable candidate.

    Peggy Ruggerio qUMSE2

  • Tom and Jay both greet me by first name. Tom is a great guy and telling him chose to support Jay Feitman was really hard for me to do.

    I known Jay for about a year and Tom for about 6 months.

    Jay has great political instincts and researches everything Tom is smart and learns fast.  

    Jay has been consistent on the issues since I met him, while Tom made adjustments in key issues like “life”.

    Richard Neal will be a strong foe to beat in November and Hopedale is an obscure small town far away from Neal’s base of support.  Richard Neal is 20 year incumbent with lots of supporters in the greater Springfield area. We must select a candidate that can steal votes away from the blue cities that Richard Neal controls.  

    Jay Fleitman has won elections in Northampton as a unashamed conservative Republican. He has this way of explaining conservative ideas in a way that resonate with the masses.

    Holding and acting on political views that are unpopular is a great ability to have in DC, and being a Republican in NoHo has trained Jay Fleitman to do just that.

    PS: Dr Fleitman self finances more and is a better fundraiser then Tom.

  • I support Jay for a number of reasons but let’s not forget our goal.  Right now we have a congressman that represents Nancy Pelosi.  We want to elect someone that represents us.  Whether you support Jay or Tom you have to agree that either one is a big improvement over what we have now.  So let’s keep things positive.  

  • I don’t have a choice between Wesley and Fleitman, not my district, but am convinced that Neal can be defeated by one of them.  

  • have to go with the vet in this one.the doc is a ok,big if,the house goes republican,watch for neal to get federal appointment.

  • Dr. Jay had to go negative, and what he is forgetting if he does get the primary, which I hope he does not, the people he is trashing will no be supporting him.  I will not give him a cent, nor will I speak ill of him but to make fun of the people of his party just because the support his opponent is just low class.