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Former Massachusetts County Commissioner, Current Arizona Sheriff and Malone Friend, Weighs In

A federal district court judge yesterday struck down provisions of the Arizona Illegal Immigration Law scheduled to go into effect at midnight. Arizona is today preparing an appeal to the decision which blocked the right of police to enforce existing federal immigration laws including the requirement of legal immigrants to carry proof of immigration status.

“The ruling by the Federal Court Judge lacked common sense. It says illegals in this country have the right to find work, it says police cannot consider an illegal to be illegal, and it says that despite a federal law requiring all legal immigrants to carry proof of status, Arizona can’t enforce that law,” 10th Congressional District Candidate Joe Malone said. “In Arizona and across the country, our economy, our education, our health care systems, and our security are being jeopardized by the unwillingness of the federal government to enforce existing laws.”

Arizona has vowed to appeal the decision to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and all the way to the US Supreme Court if necessary.

“It should be remembered that this ruling came about because our federal government sued a state who was simply trying to protect itself and do what the federal government was failing to do—enforce its laws and protect its citizens.”

Arizona’s Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is a former Massachusetts County commissioner and colleague of Malone and current supporter of his campaign efforts. Yesterday Babeu said in a statement, “…the result of an injunction is de facto amnesty through non-enforcement of laws against illegal immigration.”

“The federal government refuses to secure the border and leaves it to states like Arizona to bear the costs of its inaction. Yet, when we try to do the job they won’t do, in a manner consistent with federal law, they stop us. You couldn’t make up something this ridiculous.”

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