Joe Kennedy v Barney Frank in 2012

(I wish Sean Bielat the best of luck here in 2010 and hope he wins. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie)

Since the Special Election in January, not much has been heard from Joe Kennedy despite conjecture that he would make a good candidate against either Martha Coakley or Bill Galvin. Well, after some some six months of inactivity, Joe Kennedy has raised his head again and announced his political aspirations for the coming years.

He has sent an email to supporters http://www.independentpolitica… stating that he does not believe that Sean Bielat is a strong enough candidate against Barney Frank so he intends to run against Barney in 2012.

I happen to support Sean’s efforts to unseat Barney this year and would like Joe to consider other potential avenues for his political aspirations, Mike Capuano anyone, but it is good to see Joe getting back into politics.

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