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WORCESTER –  Republican candidates at the Worcester County Republican Club candidates’ night were under the watchful eyes of three conservative nonpartisan political groups last night.

Officials of the Worcester Tea Party, the newly formed Worcester Seven Hills Tea Party, and the Campaign for Liberty spoke at the event. Ken Mandile of the Worcester Tea Party warned four candidates for Congress and other candidates that while Republicans may benefit from the desire to oust incumbents, even Republicans who become incumbents are not safe if they do not act on their stated principles of shrinking government and of fiscal responsibility.

Among the congressional candidates, Harvard physicist Michael P. Stopa of Holliston trumpeted his support for the Arizona immigration law and went further, saying the government should collect and publish the number of employees a company has whose Social Security numbers are not real. If one supermarket chain had 17 “non-matches” and its competitor had 2,017, “would that influence where you shop?” he asked.

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