Immigration, Democrats and the Fleecing of the American Tax Payer

So, You Think Massachusetts Tax Rates are Too High? So Does Sen. John Kerry! – Immigration, Democrats and the Fleecing of the American Tax Payer

In my travels around the 9th Congressional District the most important topic of conversation after jobs and the economy is immigration.  As I read yet another article earlier in the week entitled ‘Critics blast governor on illegals – Aliens score benefits despite rhetoric’ in the Boston Herald I can understand the growing sense of frustration and disbelief as taxpayers and citizen’s struggling to make ends meet must ponder how their hard earned money is currently being spent by the Democrats and the ‘liberal elite’.  Yesterday’s headlines focused upon how the Bay State’s own Senior Senator has purchased a $7 million dollar yacht and decided to register it in Rhode Island to avoid $437,500.00 dollars in sales tax and $70,000.00 in annual excise taxes will understandably generate yet more outrage as taxpayers from throughout the Commonwealth contemplate with disbelief the ‘chutzpah’ and hypocrisy of yet another Democrat quick to tax and spend other people while unwilling to pay their own fair share to our cash-strapped state.  (There is neither sales tax nor excise tax on boats in Rhode Island)  

Eventually, the Senator’s chickens will come home to roost.  In the meantime, as a Congressional candidate in MA-9 I am focused on Stephen Lynch who is squandering tax payer dollars by following the lead of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time.  Immigration is a big deal and the Perry Amendment on Beacon Hill sought to address the concern of taxpayers that illegal immigrants were continuing to benefit from taxpayer funded programs from food stamps to subsidized housing.  Mind you, this was on a state level.  Unfortunately, for the constituents of the 9th District and for Americans across this country, Stephen Lynch’s record on immigration on the Federal level has been deplorable.  NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation, a non-profit, non-partisan immigration-reduction organization, have given Stephen Lynch D minus.…

On the subject of Arizona’s controversial immigration law Mr. Lynch agrees with the Obama Administration’s decision to sue the state over the law.  Were the Federal Government to actually fulfill there responsibilities vis-à-vis immigration and the borders then this issue would be irrelevant.  What of course is ironic is that not only has the Federal Government ignored their responsibility but have given a pass to all of the sanctuary cities in the US that are flagrantly disregarding the Federal laws on immigration.  Lynch has an abysmal record not only on border security but also interior enforcement.  Lynch has also voted in favor of Amnesty for illegal aliens.  What I would like to know is whether Representative Lynch was amongst those who gave Mexican President Calderon a standing ovation during his recent visit to Washington when he spoke critically of Arizona and a domestic issue clearly outside his purview as a foreign leader.

According to the Globe there are 920,000 immigrants or 14% of Massachusetts population.  Roughly 20% are thought to be here illegally.  Now I am the grandson of immigrants and I support immigration – legal immigration.  I do not want my tax dollars to be used supporting these illegal immigrants.  The Democrats, in large part seem to have little problem spending our hard earned tax dollars in such a manner.  Now if the Democrats, including the likes of our esteemed Senior Senator, wish to pay into an illegal immigrant fund then that is their business but for the law abiding citizens who are struggling to make ends meet they should certainly not be expected to do so.  

Stephen Lynch has been given a rating of 4 out of 100 by the American Conservative Union.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been given an 8.  By this measure, Harry Reid is twice as conservative as Stephen Lynch!  Congressman Lynch also votes lock step with the Democrats 98% of the time.  Voters in MA-9 will be given a clear choice this Fall.  If you like the way Washington is operating at present and you support an amnesty for illegal immigrants in this country then support the incumbent.  However, if you are fed up and want to cut out of control spending and address our national debt and look out for the interests of legal citizens, tax-payers and take back our country then support Keith Lepor in the 9th, the long shot that you can count on.  

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