I’m starting to feel bad!!

As everyone knows i have been one of the harshest critics of Tim Cahill, Paul Loscocco and Joe Sheehan, but over the past month i have seen some things that have actually made me feel bad for one of the trio. Paul Loscocco, in my opinion must be regretting this move to become the LG candidate, because instead of being an important part of the team like Tisei or Murray he is is just being left out. It is almost like Paul is Tims Imaginary Friend. Here are some of the things ive observed what do you think!

– His name isnt on the Signs

– His name isnt on the Bumpersticker

– He isnt even mentioned or, name shown in either tv or radio ad

– He marched in several parades this weekend, by him self without tim infront of a banner that says Tim for Governor, and doesnt even mention him

-He is being forced to spend 10,000 a month on consulting fees but is getting zero air time

There is a lot more but i am starting to cry i feel so bad

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