Final Global Warming and Swine Flu Update

The Earth does not have a fever, but it appears that Al Gore does.  For the third time sexual assault charges have been reopened against the former VP, and father of global warming, in the case of a Portland Massage Therapist.  In her testimony to police the massage therapist says:

In her statement, she said she went to Gore’s room at 11pm, and he welcomed her by inviting her to “call me Al”. She said it was apparent he had been drinking……………  Gore then grew angry and become “verbally sharp and loud”, she told police. She then brought the session to an end but when she went to leave he “wrapped me in an inescapable embrace … and caressed my back and buttocks and breasts”.

She went on to allege that he flipped her on her back on the hotel bed and lay on her, pinning her down. She told police she shouted at him: “Get off me, you big lummox!”

You know the appointment isn’t going well when the woman you invite to the room yells “Get off me, you big lummox!”.

As for the Swine Flu, Fox News is currently reporting that over $250 million worth of vaccinations were destroyed because they were no longer wanted or effective due to expired shelf life.  I guess this is proof positive of the government’s efforts to fabricate a scare in order to promote spending.  

Seeing as this is likely the last update I will have about the now defunct and phony catastrophes – let’s consider what we should have learned.  Government lies in order to spend your money.  They make up scary stories in order to increase your dependence upon them.  They base nothing on fact.

In hindsight, don’t you feel a little silly believing all of Al Gore’s crap about polar caps melting?  Don’t you feel a little stupid watching the Surgeon General talk in alarmist terms about the horrors of a pandemic that never occurred?  And furthermore, if the government was really as good at battling those kinds of catastrophes as it claims, why the hell are we on day 73 with the oil spill?  

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