Deval Patrick Admin: MCAS is over…

A breaking news story from the Boston Globe talks about the Patrick administration moving ahead to replace the MCAS system with a watered down national system.  

This means for sure that Deval Patrick wants to end MCAS.  There is no guarantee that this will lead to anything stronger or even the same standard than what we have now.  

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  • I hear, almost daily, about these studies that are performed by the State and its many agencies.  Always it is this agency or that agency has been studying this topic for so long, can’t they just make a decision. Well here we have an example of government working quickly for you.  From GateHouse News:

    He said he came to his decision after “independent analyses” by a panel of educators he appointed in June, as well as staff within the department, determined that the Common Core Standards are a “better choice” than a draft proposal for new Massachusetts standards.

    Just appointed in June and already they have reviewed the Common Core Standards, compared them to the Massachusetts standards, including any planned changes, and determined that the Common Core Standards are a “better choice”. I want to know who was on this panel.  This is quick work on a very difficult subject.

    It may also be referred to as a “bag job”. The citizens and students of Massachusetts deserve and should demand better than this sham “study” arriving at a pre-determined result.  Teachers and administrators should also be concerned about the results of today’s announcement.  The Commonwealth just decided to shift away from the standards that made us a leader.  Standards that the educators had helped to influence and ones which had them developing students that are top in the country.  Now that is thrown out the window with a one month study.

    Parents, students, teachers and taxpayers all have to raise their voice and demand more from the Patrick Administration.  Giving up what had served us so well only sets us and our children up for trouble down the road.  Enhance the MA standards but do not give up on them.