Charlie Baker: Tax Cuts “Down the Road”

Last week in the Globe, candidate Baker declared that he was “to the left” of President Obama on social issues.

Today, in that same paper, he moves even further away from conservative idealogy, this time on an economic issue.

As we all know, part of Baker’s campaign platform is to roll back both the income and sales tax to 5%.  (And it’s worth noting that some of you here think that he’s not going far enough.)

But when confronted by a Globe reporter with the fact that such an income and sales tax roll back would result in a yearly decrease in revenue of $1.5 billion:

the candidate, who has said he would press for those tax cuts on day one, made it clear there was wiggle room in his timeline.

“You can’t get all the tax cuts at once, but the tax cuts ought to be the fundamental objective down the road,” he said.”

I don’t know about you guys, but this does not sound like a man commited to cutting taxes anytime soon!

First “to the left” and now “down the road.” Truly amazing stuff.

Every week, Baker sounds less and less like a true conservative.…

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    But he has an “R” next to his name?  Are you sure?

    Doen Jen “Bay Windows/Social issues are not on the table” Nassour know about this?

    What does his running mate “Bathroom Bill” think?

    This is impossible!

  • Looks like we’ll have to wait until his next appearance on Howie Carr for him to explain what he really means.

  • April 16, 2010

    Baker and Tisei Announce Barbara Anderson’s Endorsement and Their Day 1 Tax Relief Act

    WAKEFIELD, MA – Barbara Anderson, executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation and Government, today endorsed Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei for Governor and Lieutenant Governor at a press conference to unveil the Baker/Tisei Day 1 Tax Relief Act.

    “I’m confident that Charlie and Richard will fight for the taxpayers of Massachusetts, working to cut taxes and restoring fiscal responsibility to Beacon Hill. This is the strong leadership we need to regain our fiscal footing, creating a favorable environment for taxpayers and businesses to succeed and grow, in which government starts to work for us,” said Anderson.

    Baker and Tisei’s Day 1 Tax Relief Act comprises three bills they plan to file with the Legislature on their first day as Governor and Lt. Governor:

      * Repeal Beacon Hill’s Sales & Meals Tax Increase

      * Repeal Beacon Hill’s New Liquor Tax

      * Cut the Income Tax Back to 5%

    “Families and businesses have adjusted to current economic realities by making tough budget cuts while Governor Patrick and Treasurer Cahill have operated state government by a different set of rules,” said Baker. “Rolling back the income and sales tax to 5% will provide immediate relief to those families and businesses burdened by Beacon Hill’s tax increases.”

    Tisei added, “The liquor tax has adversely affected businesses here in Massachusetts while border businesses have watched former customers go to New Hampshire and Rhode Island instead.”

    In the last four years, Patrick and Cahill have overseen a massive increase in the size of state government – 20% in the first two years of Patrick’s administration – while adding $2 billion more in taxes and fees. Anderson recognized Baker and Tisei’s fiscal leadership and the need for Massachusetts to rein in out-of-control spending.

    Today’s announcement is one of a host of policy solutions put forward by the Baker-Tisei team and for more information please visit