Cahill and the MSBA: Things that Make You Go Hmmm

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Tim Cahill’s recent campaign ad states that “I found a fiscally responsible way to build schools for our children”.  See the first video at 0:30 at

This sounds like embellishment of the record to me.

I offer two observations:

1. Cahill’s own website states only that he “worked with lawmakers” which is a more mild statement than saying “I found” which appears in the ad.…

Treasurer Cahill worked with lawmakers in 2004 to craft the legislation that created the MSBA. It was the first major reform in school construction in the Commonwealth in 60 years.

2. Missing from Cahill’s account is any mention of the role of Governor Romney is the creation of the MSBA. However, the Salem News writes:…

Reforms initiated by Gov. Mitt Romney and carried out by Treasurer Timothy Cahill are bringing some order to the chaos of new school construction in Massachusetts.

I do not take issue with the fact that Mr. Cahill had a substantial role in the creation of the MSBA.  However, I do believe that when he makes statements that exclude mention of others in the process he is not providing an accurate account.  When he says “I found … ” rather than “together with Governor Romney and the legislature, we found …”, Mr. Cahill appears to be embellishing the record for political purposes.  (I am not so naive to believe that politicians don’t embellish their accomplishments, only calling them out when they appear to be doing so).  

Also interesting is the fact that he states cost overruns as a problem in the Weld and Celucci Administrations.  He writes: “During the Weld and Cellucci administrations, municipalities jumped ahead of the line based on political connections on Beacon Hill and local governments were essentially given a blank check for extravagant, over-designed and unnecessary school projects.”  However if the prior program was unchanged for 60 years, was this not also a problem in say the Dukakis and King administrations as well?  


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