Bielat “disappointed” in Brown who cut out huge tax in Dodd-Frank bill

What is happening to the Sean Bielat campaign in the 4th Congressional District?  If you read his web page today he’s posted a press release that shreds Senator Scott Brown.  Is that really what we should be doing as Republicans?  Attacking the one state wide GOP leader we have?

I remember voting for Ed Brooke.  When we lost the seat – yes, I’m an old timer – I had pretty much given up hope.  Now we’ve got a real Republican U.S. Senator, and here’s Sean Bielat doing Brown Bashing as if he were working for Martha Coakley.  He’s upset that Brown has decided to vote for Barney Frank’s finance reform bill.  Sean is running against Frank for Congress, which is great.  But Bielat has just posted this on his web page,…….”I am greatly disappointed in Senator Brown’s expressed support of the Dodd-Frank bill.”

Does Bielat not read the papers.  It was Senator Brown who made Barney Frank change the bill so that there would not be a huge tax.

Why would a Republican candidate for congress attack our senator for successfully amending a bill, and getting the huge tax out of it?

This is just one of many problems Bielat has had in his first run for office.

He’s refused to debate Earl Sholley, and has thrown out some pretty rude accusations against Earl, who has at least had the courage to take on Barney Frank in the past.

It’s becoming obvious that Bielat is a little too much of an elitist.  His web page talks about all his degrees.  Harvard, etc.  I think I’m going to go with the common sense guy, Earl Sholley, who has not been attacking Scott Brown.  The last thing we need as a nominee against Barney Frank is a RINO.

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