White House math and the recovery

Enjoy this little story from the actual White House blog  dedicated to the whirlwind economic recovery that is going on….really…..there is a recovery going on……just look out the window of the unemployment office and see.

The article states that thanks to President Obama’s stimulus funds there are now a whopping 10,000 road projects underway.  Read a little further and you find out that an amazing 17,000 jobs have been created by these road projects and the result will be ‘nearly’ 30,000 miles of roadway being rebuilt.

Note that the author of the post likes to spread out the statistics so no correlation can be made about them.  Never put two numbers next to each other because people sometimes do quick math and find out the real scoop contained in the story.

For instance: 10,000 road projects producing 17,000 jobs and fixing nearly 30,000 miles of road.  That means each road project produced less than 2 jobs and only fixed shy of 3 miles of road.  A good road crew can do 3 miles of road in a couple overnight sessions, which means any jobs created by these projects are long gone and never to return until the next stimulus package comes around.

Also note that these jobs, which appear to have been temporary, are given no cost associations.  How much of the $787 billion was dedicated to creating these temp jobs will never be known for sure, but since the unemployment rate hasn’t dropped much we can assume the money was wasted.

This is what Obama calls the ‘Summer of Recovery’.  I wonder how long it will take the taxpayers to recover from the ‘Summer of Recovery’?

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