What should I expect from attending a political fundraiser?

I’m a young adult in the tech sector, and as new to politics as I am to bourgeois respectability.  As I’m planning to max out to the GOP statewide slate later this summer, I’m considering attending a fundraiser or three, but I was wondering what to expect?

What are some common mistakes or faux-pas that novices make, and what are some dos and don’ts?

Is the dress code generally sportcoat and tie, or can I get some use out of my crocs this season?

Do they generally require a ton of mingling and participation, or can I sit back and watch speeches while stuffing my gullet with hors d’oevres?

What are the big annual events here in Massachusetts?

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  • and who is sponsoring the event.  Generally if it’s a big money event $500 on up you need to dress on the conservative side.  You can expect someone from the campaign to check you in and give you a name tag.  If it’s a one candidate event you may have a moment or two with the candidate, sometimes not they are with the big contributors.  If it is a multiple candidate event you may have a moment or two with one of the candidates.  

    Biggest mistake is someone who thinks they can bend the ear of the candidate for more than a few moments.  If you have a particular need to discuss something with a candidate or their people either email or set up a time to call them before or after the event.  

    Make sure you don’t over do the drinking, it doesn’t put you in the best light.  

    And it’s ok to agree to disagree on issues you can’t always agree on everything.

    Good luck and I hope we cross paths.

    Oh and the event to be at is the Dartmouth Cook out in August.  It’s a good one with lots of nice people

  • Wear slacks, not jeans.  Wear a collared shirt.  Wear shoes not sneakers.

    If you’re giving $15,000 to the party there might be a different feel for the event.  If you’re giving $500 (or less) to a candidate most of the time it’s reasonably casual.

    Remember that you are the donor. You are the one doing them a favor.  You’ve given your money.  Little else is “required” beyond the normal behavior regular people exhibit in their normal lives.

  • 1) bowler hat.

    2) monocle.

    3) cane

  • Lose the crocs. Stuff they gullet with hors d’oevres.

    Oh yea, novices often forget that sign holding, stuffing envelopes, and putting boots on the ground in Oct matters more than a $50 check.    

  • People won’t care how you’re dressed, as long as you aren’t naked.

    Somewhere between business casual and business formal. Somewhere between the two, and odds are you’ll fit in.

  • nomad943

    Expect a lifetime of annoying solicitations for donations unless you think ahead and leave them a bad street address.

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    If someone starts up a conversation with you, no matter what they say, you should answer with “Oh Really?” or “Yeah – But that’s what youuuuu think”