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                                     By: Edward P. Shallow

WorldNet Daily informs, Latest environmental legislation will cap and trade our economy and liberty, author of “Climate gate” Brian Sussman predicts that the oil well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico will provide the basis to promote a radical plan to socialize the economy through controversial new energy policies. This is exactly what Obama did in his address to the nation on Tuesday.

This is the perfect crisis to sock it to (the oil industry). Sussman recently told a Capitol Hill audience that Obama plans to “take advantage of a crisis to put forward the Senate energy bill.”

If the Senate bill is passed and reconciled with the House version already adopted, “We’ll have cap-and-trade. ”

According to Sussman, the goal of cap-and-trade legislation is not to provide the energy demanded by citizens, but to reduce, involuntarily, private use of energy. He warned major elements of cap-and-trade legislation, including “smart grids” (broadband Internet connections), “home area networks” and” energy-star appliances, are intended to give the government the ability to control energy use within private homes in real time.

Sussman also warned that cap-and-trade legislation would destroy entire industries and cost multiple thousands of jobs.

The legislation requires the nation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 83 percent by 2050, by which time the population is predicted to grow by 100 million.

To accomplish this dramatic reduction, said Sussman, “All manufacturing would be offshored,” “the coal industry shut down.” and livestock would be gone” because cows produce greenhouse gases.

Cap-and-trade also would serve as a vehicle for redistributing wealth, said Sussman.  The Senate bill anticipates that it would force prices for all goods and services to skyrocket, so it includes provisions to send money to the poor to pay the freight – “that’s redistribution.”

In Climatgate, published by WND Books, Sussman reveals that global temperatures reached a peak during the 1930’s and have been trending down ever since, in spite of the increasing amount of human-generated “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere.

That flies in the face of global warming orthodoxy,” said Sussman.

Sussman argues that climate science has been taken over by radical activists who are distorting the data in order to implement a lefist political agenda. On May 29, Sussman told interviewer Phyllis Schlafly that the “goal” of global warming activists, inclding many scientists and U.N. officials, is “to use greenhouse gases as a scare tactic to try to transform this economy…and bring forward a socialist system.”

It is my contention Obama is a devious contributor to this plot to socialize America and bring about the demise of our glorious Republic that has triumphed against all enemies, both foreign and domestic; Once again, we the people must rise to the occasion to protect the republic and preserve it from the forces of socialism.  


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