Update on Sholley vs Bielat Debate

The following was a series of email messages I received from a a State Republican Committee Member and the Bielat Campaign pertaining to today’s scheduled debate which was scheduled between Earl Sholley and Sean Bielat which Sean apparently wil be unable to participate in.  The name of the Republican official responsible for this correspondence has been omitted in light of rumors revealing a new attack strategy by the Bielat campaign that is being directed not only to Earl Sholley but to his many faithful supporters as well. Big deal, right? Anyway these were the messages that went out to the Sholley and Bielat Campaign:

Message from Republican State Committee Member: June 26, 2010, 2:18 PM

As you’ve already heard ad nauseam, Earl Sholley’s primary opponent, Sean Bielat, has been out and about the internet and the media stating that he will not attend the debate tomorrow afternoon at the Taunton Eagle Soccer Club at 29 Oak St. Taunton at 2:00 . All of his responses have been to the media, and NOT the organizers of the debate.

He claims he:

1. Was never informed of a debate

2. He’s too busy

3. Earl’s not a candidate

4. Earl’s not on the ballot

5. He’ll only debate on his own terms because he doesn’t trust Republican RTC Chairmen to be fair.

6. And my favorite – Earl hasn’t filed his FEC report (And what evidence is there for that misnomer, I’d like to know.)

Aside from the tiresome Sholley-Bashing he’s building his campaign on, what exactly does Mr. Bielat bring to this conversation besides the trashing of his opponent? Apparently, he’s demonstrating exactly what kind of campaign he’s interested in running – a NEGATIVE one. And the way it looks, it’s all he’s got!

As most of you know, if you’ve ever spoken to Earl Sholley, he’s a virtual encyclopedia of political knowledge pertaining to Barney Frank and all of the damage he’s been doing to this District and to the country.

And THAT, my friends, is THE ONLY REASON Mr. Bielat is heading for the hills when it comes to debates. (Two, so far, and counting…) If he were the least bit interested in a debate, he would’ve been anxious to reschedule and come up with a date for which he WAS available.

There are voters out there who want to know where the candidates, who are asking for their votes, stand on the issues pertaining to their District, and they are most certainly interested in the candidates’ solutions for all of that damage.

With 81 days to the primary, the voters have no more patience for the kind of sophomoric nonsense Mr. Bielat is dishing out. They want the issues discussed. If Mr. Bielat thinks he’s ready for prime-time and believes he has what it’s going to take to unseat Barney Frank, I should think he’d want the voters to know it. I’ve seen the questions put together by these committees. They’re all ISSUE questions, and they’re the same for each candidate with equal time for each candidate.

I’m told the fee for the hall was sizable, and that the “debate” is going forward. If Mr. Bielat has decided he would rather not present himself, Mr. Sholley has stated that he will be more than happy to entertain the Q & A session for the public.

Sunday (tomorrow) June 27th – 2:00 at the Taunton Eagle Soccer Club, 29 Oak St. Taunton! It should be interesting. See you there!

Message from Bielat Campaign: June 26, 2010, 3:08 PM

It sounds like you find the FEC web site a little too confusing. To make it easier, here’s a link to every report Earl has ever filed:

If you can find his expenditure reports, we’d be very happy to know. So would the people at the FEC because they couldn’t find them either.

Also, you might want to ask any of the people who were at the Middleboro RTC meeting this week, or the people who were at the Norton Tea Party, whether Sean’s talked to the organizers of the debate. He has. It’s just too bad that they didn’t talk to him before they scheduled it.

Thanks again for your even-handed approach to your role as a state committee member!

And please let us know if you would like a bumper sticker, yard sign, or contribution envelope. And we’re always looking for volunteers!

Have a great day.

To victory,

Bielat for Congress

Message in response from Republican State Committee Member : June 26, 2010. 5:26 PM

That’s cute. But it’s not me who’s confused.

You know as well as anyone (or you should), that the FEC only wants the report filed, which it was. They’re not interested in itemization.

If you are, why don’t you come to Taunton tomorrow and ask Earl this question yourself? I’m sure he’d be more than happy to talk with you about this and other things. So would the RTC Chairmen. They’re dying to speak with you!

Apparently, you’re a little confused over State Committee rules. (Or whoever’s coaching you is.) State Committee members are not prohibited from endorsing any candidate in a primary. I haven’t come out with an official endorsement yet, but I will. Thanks for reminding me.

Gee, I’m sorry to hear you’ve resorted to having to ask your opponent for volunteers. Sholley’s got lots, but sorry, you can’t have any. He had to put in an order to replenish his lawn signs, bumper stickers, buttons, and push cards. They’re going so fast, he can’t keep up!

Come on out today folks and Meet Earl Sholley and get in the spirit of the Campaign that is destined to bring an end to Barney Frank’s reign of terror in the Massachusetts 4th Congressional District.

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