Update On 4th Congressional District Scheduled Debates

The following is a message I received on the status of debates that have been scheduled by a group of hard working Republican Town Committees:  

The word is out now that Sean Bielat is refusing the Norton, Taunton and Westport RTCs' invitation for a debate with Earl Sholley on June 27th at the Taunton Eagle Soccer Club on Oak St. in Taunton at 2 p.m. Mr. Bielat has previously backed out of a debate scheduled by the RTCs between the two candidates that would have taken place in Wellesley on June 16th. Mr. Sholley, who is the only candidate in the Republican primary knowledgeable of all of the issues, is still planning on attending the scheduled debate on the 27th. Hopefully, the Bielat campaign will decide that knowing the issues and being able to present the solutions to solving those issues is a far better campaign strategy than merely attacking your opponent. More debates are being planned throughout the summer by other RTCs in the District

The Jazz Patriot is hopeful that Mr Bielat will accept their invitation to debate Mr Sholley so that the voters  of the 4th district can make a more informed decision before casting their vote in this very important Republican Primary on September 14, 2010. In the end we all want the same thing i.e. to remove Barney Frank from his seat of power in Washington, D.C and replace him with someone who's main concern is the liberty, safety, economic viability and security of the citizens he represents.  Crossposted at http://jazzpatriot.blogspot.co…

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