The Voters are boiling and the Tea Party’s hot!

On the grounds of Waltham Common on Sunday, June 13th, the Greater Waltham Tea Party held its maiden event, a Flag Day Rally with the one of the largest flags anyone had seen spread across the gazebo.  

The extensive list of guest speakers braved the gray day and delivered a great message of freedom and respect for Old Glory. Only 100-150 were expected but 400 attentive and enthusiastic voters clapped, cheered and sang along with the John Penny band.

We first want to thank the City of Waltham for all their cooperation for this public event. Many thanks also to Chip Faulkner of Citizens for Limited Taxation, Todd Feinberg and Howie Carr from WRKO radio, Jeff Katz of Rush Radio 1200.

The extensive list of speakers included:  Rabbi Jon Hausman of Stoughton; Dr. Gerry Dembrowski, candidate for Congress; Bill Campbell, candidate for Secretary of State; Kamal Jain, candidate for Auditor; Sandi Martinez, candidate for State Senate;  Jim Dixon, candidate for the State House district; Waltham’s own Joe Malone; Waltham’s native son, Rich Aucoin of Alliance to Roll back taxes, and many others.  

Watch the calendar for future Greater Waltham Tea Party events to be announced.  

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