The Patrick Record – 100,000 jobs lost!!!!

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As Governor, Deval Patrick has presided over the loss of over 100,000 jobs in Massachusetts!!!  The jobs lost with Solo Cup closing a plant in Massachusetts just add to the misery caused by a high tax, anti-employer administration.

Manufacturing, key to any strong economy, has lost over 44,000 jobs under the Patrick administration.  From February 2007 (Patrick’s first full month in office) until April of 2010, manufacturing employment in Massachusetts has plummeted from 298,200 to 253,500.  

Patrick’s response has been to increase taxes more on those people still working.  The result is that even more jobs are lost, both manufacturing and others.

Total non-agricultural employment has dropped from 3,269,600 to 3,167,000 – a loss of over 100,000 jobs!!!

At the same time, though, state government employment has increased from 115,100 to 123,200!  (Local government, has not seen the increase that Deval Patrick brought to state government employees.  Local government employment has dropped slightly, from 267,000 to 266,600.)

When the debate begins about dealing with yet another budget in deficit under Deval Patrick, perhaps the best first step would be to reduce state government employment back to the level it was in February 2007.

(Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, New England Economic Indicators)

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