The House of Adams Response (Quincy Tea Party) to State Senator Moore’s Comments

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“The Tea Party has had its five minutes of fame. It is now time for us to toss them into Boston Harbor, we are the true party of the people.”

The House of Adams (Quincy Tea Party) is taking the position that State Senator Moore’s comments made at the Democratic Convention in Worcester on June 5, 2010 were simply a rhetorical flourish.  Our membership realizes that a responsible sitting State Senator would never seriously advocate physical violence against the free citizens he has sworn to represent.

The Tea Party challenges both the Republican and Democratic Parties to work together to close the $3 Billion gap in the 2011 State budget without relying on funds from the federal government which, if used, would only increase the total unfunded liabilities of our Federal government which now stands at more than $350,000 per person.

The Tea Party is a non-violent, non-profit group of concerned citizens who are serious about addressing the fiscal problems of our government at all levels.  You can join your local group of fellow citizens at

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