Stephen Lynch Squanders Taxpayer Dollars Through Exorbitant Rent

The following is a statement from Keith Lepor:

Most political observers today are a fairly cynical lot and perhaps will not be surprised to read what taxpayers are paying these days to keep some of their elected representatives in style and ‘accessible’.

Stephen Lynch has garnered recent national attention thanks to the massive rent that he is paying to accommodate his Boston Congressional office.  Congressman Stephen Lynch maintains offices at 88 Black Falcon Avenue with a lovely view of Boston Harbor.  Earlier this week Roll Call reported that Stephen Lynch is paying between $9,000.00 and $10,000.00 month in office rent.  

At a time when the country is in great economic distress and suffering from high unemployment such excessive and exorbitant rents being paid by our elected public officials is troubling.  Our representatives should lead by example and maintain offices which demonstrate a greater appreciation for our tax dollars which are supporting his activities.  Does a “public servant” require such expensive and exclusive digs on Boston Harbor, I think not.  

Representative Lynch is not alone, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has recently moved into new office space in San Francisco and pays $18,736.00/month.  Rep Jerrold Nadler, also a Democrat holds the distinction of having the second highest rent and occupies space in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood and rents for just under $10,600.  There are a number of Congressional members who do work in large cities with high property values.  That said, for those members of Congress who are more responsible with taxpayers money there is always a way to find something more tax payer friendly if the member of congress is more willing to be responsive to taxpayer concerns.  

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