Statement of Jeff Perry on the Supreme Court’s Decision Extending Second Amendment Rights

(A major win for civil liberties.  h/t to Riich Bastien as well.

Coverage of decision here – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

I applaud today’s Supreme Court ruling that builds on the Heller case and confirms constitutional protections for Americans who own firearms.

The Second Amendment provides every American important guarantees which are designed to make our democracy stronger. These protections enhance personal freedoms and also permit our citizens to defend themselves from tyranny. And they are protections that no individual state should be allowed to dilute.

I strongly support strict interpretation of the Constitution, including strong support for the protections offered by the Second Amendment. In a society where constitutional protections are constantly being eroded, it is refreshing that the Supreme Court chose today to reaffirm such important guarantees for firearm ownership and to extend them to the states by way of the Fourteenth Amendment.

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  • Samuel Adam’s said “The said Constitution shall never be constructed to authorize Congress to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceful citizens from keeping their own arms”. I hope more people will wake up and support leaders like Jeff Perry who stand up strong for the liberties that democracy has granted us under the Constitution. We must value our freedoms because if we take them for granted they will slip away to the control of “progressives” who seek to protect us from ourselves. The 2nd Amendment is our protection!

  • We need to be strict constructionists when it comes to the Constitution of the United States.  It says what it says and NOT what the liberals say it should say.  We need Jeff Perry in Washington fighting for a strict interpretation.  Losing you right to bear arms would only be the first in a long series of moves by the liberals (Obama) to gain complete control of this country and proceed with their socialist agenda.  Join Perry’s Partiots…make a donation…go to a fundraiser and most improtantly vote for Jeff in the September primary.  Go Jeff Go!    

  • The authors of this document were brave, intelligent and forward thinking men.  It is the basis for our Republic and Jeff Perry, as a strict Constitutionalist, will serve us well in Washington.  Let’s return to our roots and stop this break-neck race to that from which our Founding Fathers escaped.  We want our Country back!!

  • One of the qualities I appreciate most about Rep. Perry is that he is always upfront about where he stands on the issues.

    Here is a guy who is a 4th term State Representative, is running for Congress and consistently makes all of his positions known. His positions are on his website, he talks about them and why he has the positions he does. Whether he is speaking in front of a group or with an individual, or on the radio or on television, he is consistent and does not pander to the situation.  

    This just ups my respect for Mr. Perry as I learn that when questioned about it, Supreme Court nominee Kagan failed to state how she would have voted on this case.