Springfield Republican City Committe Endorses Tom Wesley

(A coup for Team Wesley… – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

(We broke this Thursday night, thought I’d post it up on here!)

SPRINGFIELD – The Springfield Republican City Committee today announced its enthusiastic endorsement of Tom Wesley in the Republican primary race for a place on the ballot against Rep. Richard Neal for the Massachusetts Second District. Springfield RCC Chairman Alexander Sherman had this to say:

“The Springfield Republican City Committee enthusiastically endorses Tom Wesley for U.S. Congress. His life experiences and resume are unrivaled in this race, and he gives us the best chance in decades to move this seat to the Republican column, the people’s column.

“As a city hit hard by the economic recession, we know how important it is to have someone in Washington that has the right agenda for getting people back to work and restoring a healthy economy. Tom Wesley understands the critical role that small businesses will play in this recovery, and that government must encourage them, not impede them. He also knows the harmful effects that further tax increases fueled by out-of-control spending would have in this environment. And Tom is committed to working with community groups to regain control of their streets in order to raise their families in peace.

“Tom Wesley comes from both a business and a military background. He has a strong mix of relevant domestic and international experience. Whether it’s on economic or homeland security issues, we need someone who is strong in both areas. For these reasons, among others, we are throwing our full support behind Tom Wesley in his campaign against Richard Neal.”

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Tom Wesley responded to the endorsement:

“I am grateful to the Springfield RCC for recognizing the importance of experience and electability in this race, and thankful for their endorsement in the primary. They have joined with communities as diverse as Douglas, Hopedale and Wales in endorsing my candidacy. Their support is noteworthy because they have the unique designation of being the largest city in the Second District. I may hail from the eastern tier, but I am running to represent the entire District. I thank Chairman Sherman and the other dedicated members of the Springfield RCC for their support. I look forward to working with them as we move towards victory first in September and ultimately in November.”

It is my hope (and that of the committee’s) that the other RTC’s of the 2nd Congressional district who are still undecided will join us in supporting this great candidate that we have in Tom Wesley. If you are a member in a RTC in the district I urge you to move that they too follow the lead of Springfield, Douglas, Hopedale, and Wales in supporting Tom.

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