Sholley vs. Bielat, round 17

Soooo it seems that not a week goes by without some incendiary post from our colleague Mr. Jazz Patriot slamming Sean Bielat for either doing or not doing something according to the worldview of the Sholley campaign.  Lately its all about this so-called debate.

(Before I go any further, I need to reiterate for the 100th time that although I support Sean Bielat, I do not speak for him.  It is also worth pointing out that I am not an attack agent of the Bielat campaign;  if you doubt this, please look up years of my posts and comments both here and even more so on BMG.  Hopefully, you’ll get the picture.)

Anyways, about this debate.  How clever is it to schedule a debate when Sean is out on national guard duty and then call him a debate dodger because he didn’t show?  And then another one called for by a clear Sholley advocate, someone who won’t back down on her pro-Sholley / anti-Bielat stance, and then fault him again for not showing?

Dirty tricks, I say.  Clever, maybe, but in the end totally full of crap.  The way debates work (as I understand it) is that both candidates agree to the debate, and THEN it gets scheduled.  Not:  shills for one candidate try and play gotcha with the other one.  

Furthermore, I take particular offense at jazzpatriot’s characterization of my posts here as “vile attacks” on Sholley, when I have been quite careful to be fair to Sholley as much as possible.  Look, jazz (or Earl, I guess, if you speak for him), read what I wrote and understand that I came into this open minded, described what I saw, and chose a team.  If you believe that accurately stating certain elements of Sholley’s background constitutes a “vile attack”, well, then I think you’ve got a problem with your own candidate, not with me.

Furthermore, YOU and the Sholley campaign are the ones who are making this “all about” Sholley.  Sean has never uttered a peep about Sholley (as far as I know) unless directly questioned on it.  But for you its all Bielat throwing Sholley under the bus, 24/7.  

Here’s a tip for life:  its not all about you.

I could say much more, and I’m sorely tempted to – but I will leave it with this simple accusation: jazzpatriot I know you are afraid to debate me here on RMG.  I’m not sure why, but I could guess.

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