Sandi Martinez issues a call to action on Illegal Immigration Reform

As the details of the FY2011 state budget are worked out in Conference Committee, it remains unclear whether or not the Illegal Immigrant Reform amendment will be included.  

Sandi Martinez, candidate for State Senate in the 3rd Middlesex District said that “The amendment, which passed the Senate on a bi-partisan 28-10 vote, goes a long way to insure the safety and security of the citizens of Massachusetts.  It is vitally important that it be included in the final budget that emerges from the committee.”

The amendment requires state contractors to verify the citizenship status of all employees, it increases the penalties for driving without a license and for using false identification, and it requires MassHealth to verify the immigration status of enrollees.

“I call on Senator Fargo to have her voice heard and ask fellow Democratic Senators Steve Panagiotakos and Steven Brewer to fund the reform amendment on illegal immigration that they voted for in the Senate” said Martinez.  She continued “This is a pro-immigrant amendment as it specifically prevents illegal immigrants from displacing legal immigrants and citizens form public housing.”

Sandi Martinez asks anyone who believes in the rule of law to contact their legislators to let them know how the citizens feel, and to ask them to speak up on the citizens behalf.  They should also contact members of the Conference Committee that will determine the fate of this amendment.  They are:

House members:

Rep Charles Murphy D Rep.CharlesMurphy@hwm.State.MA.US 722-2900

Rep Barbara L’Italien D Rep.BarbaraL’Italien@hwm.State.MA.US 722-2380

Rep Bob Hargraves R Rep.RobertHargraves@hwm.State.MA.US 722-2305

Senate Members

Sen. Steve Panagiotakos D 722-1630

Sen Brewer D 722-1540

Senator Michael Knapik R 722-1415

If elected, Sandi Martinez pledges to support laws that promote fairness and equity in the way in which Massachusetts handles issues of immigration.

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