Republicans Are Learning How To Speak Gay…Finally

Now that I am on "the other side of the aisle" so to speak when it comes to my support for Charlie Baker over Deval Patrick in this year's race for Governor, I guess my eyes are finally open.  Thus take Sunday's Boston Globe Story which showed no photos of the Baker/Tisei contingent marching in Boston Gay Pride nor did it interview any of the Baker/Tisei marchers (I being one of them) nor did it take note of the dynamics of most of the family members who were marching with this candidates and politicians. If it had we would have read a wonderful piece about Charlie Baker marching alongside his gay brother Sandy (the Globe did mention this) but left out how Baker used to go to bat for his brother when they were in school together, defending him against bullies.  We would have read about how Charlie Baker attended his brother's marriage and supports him fully.  No it's easier to allow BMG, MassEquality and others to suggest Baker's marching in Gay Pride and his support for his brother to be political, yet not, "heaven forbid"  motivated out of the shear love for his brother.

We would also have read that Richard Tisei marched alongside his partner of 16 years, Bernie Starr, who actually was attending his very first Gay Pride march in support of Richard.  And last but not least, Senator Richard Ross marched not only in support of Baker/Tisei, but Ross marched with his own beautiful lesbian daughter.  Who, by the way, only came out to Ross AFTER he took his vote for marriage equality Another wonderful family dynamic overlooked by the Globe yet was all the buzz on that rainy day. No matter what your opinion is about gay people or how the marriage issue was handled in Massachusetts, the undeniable truth is that LGBT people are part of most families, either immediate or extended.  To not support, love and respect these family members is unconscionable. Charlie Baker, Richard Tisei and Richard Ross were not only walking the walk of true family values at Gay Pride on Sunday,  they were talking it too.  However, with what I am reading in the Liberal press and among LGBT activists, it seems this new found language will not be understood on the Left as quickly as it will be on the Right.

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