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                                         By: Edward P. Shallow

In the eyes of God, a man never stands as tall as he does when he is resolved to preserve the innocence of children. I dedicate this editorial to two men greatly involved to inform the people, particularly parents from the widespread damage the homosexual agenda is inflicting on the youth of America.  They are alone in their service to the people, as usual; all the public depravity of “pride week” was officially ignored in all the media. No one exposed this or even talked about it. Even the so-called “conservative” talk show hosts on the big local talk stations did not bother to comment, no one has the courage of their convictions, and I call it cowardly.

I won’t elaborate further, by now the nation is aware that Provincetown, the San Francisco of the east have been distributing condoms, even at the elementary level, it is meant to peak the interest of the children, many still in the state of innocence, the object, get them while young for proper indoctrination.

The two men to be commended in their efforts to keep people informed of the indoctrination of their children into the gay lifestyle in the schools (parents cannot opt out) are Brian Camenker, President of MassResistance (www. MassResistance.org) and eugene.delgaudio, President, Public Advocate (eugene.delgaudio@traditionalvalues.us )

During the recently concluded “Gay Pride Week” the radical homosexual activists spoke at City Hall Plaza, the common theme, the homosexual movement is going to be fighting even louder and harder to push their agenda throughout society.  The political establishment is marching in lockstep with them.  All three gubernatorial candidates openly endorsed the gay events.

The politicians and corporations honored cross-dresser who works with kids–as Grand Marshal of Gay Pride Parade.

They honored “Grace” Sterling Stowell the Grand Marshal. Stowell is a man who wears women’s clothes and runs a homosexual/transgender “youth” group, which targets public school children. He also works with kids in public schools as a leading member of the Massachusetts Commission for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual & Transgender Youth. This group known as BAGLY is most infamous for their annual transgender/gay “prom” for kids held each year in Boston City Hall. At these events, adult homosexual and transgender (and occasional S&M) activists often mingle with kids. In the 2009 Prom Bizarre adults were everywhere along with “Mr. Boston Leather.”

Public Advocate informs, if you have any doubts that the Homosexual Lobby is planning to indoctrinate our nation’s schoolchildren, read further:

The Homosexual Lobby has attempted to rig an on-line charity contest hosted by JPMorgan Chase in order to win a $1,000,000 dollar prize that they will use to promote a radical homosexual takeover of public and private schools.

They want homosexual history books in the library, gender-neutral bathrooms and changing areas. Homosexual proms and even gender-neutral athletic teams.

This means a cross-dressing 18-year old male on the softball team will be playing sports and sharing changing rooms with girls as young as 15 years old!

Any attempt to separate a “girl in a boy’s body” from the other girls on the team will surely draw lawsuits from the Homosexual Lobby as being discriminatory and “homophobic.”

Homosexual activists see our public schools as the next battlefield in their fight for special rights. They want to indoctrinate our children with their perverse ideology by flooding them with their own curriculum and literature.

The radical homosexuals have already chalked up key victories in the public school arena within the last year. Homosexuals scored a major win when President Obama refused to fire his “Safe Schools Czar.” Kevin Jennings. Jennings was an advocate of teaching deviant sexual behavior to grade school children and despite a massive outpouring of opposition to having such a man in charge of our children’s safety, President Obama refused to give Mr. Jennings his walking papers.

I urge the candidates for public office to re-think their position of advocacy of the homosexual agenda and be advised the Holy Bible is the guide to everlasting life, it must not be violated.

The Holy Bible Declares Homosexuality Is An Abominationation.


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