About jeffperry

  • Once again you demonstrate the strong value system and leadership skills America needs desperately in Washington!  

    Americans should NEVER have to doubt their rights such as gun ownership or freedom of speech.

    Our Republic is based on LAW and you have repeatedly shown that we can count on you to bring lawlessness such as illegal immigration to the podium for discussion…and hopefully for passage of legislation!

    We will be very fortunate to have you represent the MA 10th District!  You have proven your statesmanship on Beacon Hill over the past eight years and we look forward to your presence in the Halls of Congress.  

  • It is important to read the facts about Jeff Perry’s “the child molester enabler” background.

    Please read through some of the following,





  • Keep hammering away at the unbelievers…eventually you will prevail.  Ignore the nea-sayers…eventually they will believe or relent.

  • Thank you Rep. Perry for standing up for our rights.  

    If we allow the legislative process to be eroded and House Bill 4102 passes, it will be another step in the direction of giving away the rights our Founding Fathers fought so hard for and gives power back to the government, the very entity the 2nd Amendment was trying to protect us from!

    RMG, Of course our 1st Amendment rights are extremely important too, but if I ever start to sign on to blogs using multiple names like Mercy Otis, Adam Smith, Max McDougle, Mike Pine, floridawinter, capeconservative2010, massgop, or savegop (did I miss any?) for the purpose of posting the same pathetic comment over and over again, please shoot me.