Perry Continues to Push for Immigration Reform

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With little more than a month left in the formal legislative session on Beacon Hill, Jeff Perry is continuing to push for action on a proposal he filed to stop providing state benefits to illegal immigrants.

The state Senate recently adopted an illegal immigration reform provision similar to Perry’s measure as part of its spending plan for next fiscal year. The vote came just weeks after Perry’s proposal itself was defeated narrowly by the House during its budget debate. Now, Perry is advocating to have an illegal immigration provision included in the final budget to be sent to the Governor. About thirty legislators sent a letter to House and Senate leaders last week asking them to include prohibitions against benefits for illegal immigrants in the final budget.

“The momentum is there, and recent polls have shown that a strong majority of the public supports this move to stop rewarding illegal behavior,” said Perry. “I appreciate the support of my colleagues on this issue because I know this is something that’s important to people across Massachusetts.”

Perry, who is also a candidate for Congress in the Tenth Congressional District, has long been an outspoken critic against illegal immigration. He believes the United States needs to do more as a nation to crack down on illegal immigration, starting with making better use of technology to detect and apprehend those who cross our borders illegally. He also supports making a more committed effort to erect a physical fence along our border, and he believes we need to give local and state police the tools they need to enforce federal immigration laws.

“It is incumbent on Congress and the President to start to take these steps in the short term and enact meaningful legislation to secure our borders,” said Perry.

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