Meas & McPhee have close encounter with arrogance.

I heard the story about this incident on the Michele McPhee show on WTKK, 96.9. It was hillarious yet sad. It was sad to see what has happened to a once great city. Like so many cities across our nation, they have been destroyed by liberal socialist policies. We must stay active and work hard to rid our cities and towns of these rodents.

I got this release via e-mail and want to share it.  


HAVERHILL – Republican candidate for the Fifth Congressional District in Massachusetts Sam Meas experienced first hand the legendary arrogance of Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua when Meas and WTKK radio personality Michelle McPhee failed to get the former Democratic State Representative to talk to them about the city’s budget, according to an audio podcast posted online on June 16, 2010, by McPhee on the Boston Talks website.

“It was serendipity,” admitted Meas. “Michelle had already planned to talk to Lantigua about his handling of Lawrence’s budget and asked me to ride shotgun with her. I happened to have the time available so I agreed to join her.”

McPhee, describing the Lawrence mayor as “a deadbeat dad” and “the fraudfather,” stated in her podcast that she wanted to grill Lantigua on his proposal to layoff a large number of the city’s firefighters and police officers as one way to balance the city’s budget should their respective unions fail to come to an agreement on alternative proposals to reign in the amount of money being spent on public safety. “The reason I was in Lawrence was because I (was) absolutely apoplectic over the idea that we are going to lose 38 firefighters and 35 police officers in that city just months after the (state) Legislature told us that Willie Lantigua was going to receive a $35 million bailout package,” explained McPhee on her podcast. The radio personality also expressed her consternation over the disconnect between the potential loss of public safety officials under the guise of fiscal austerity against the “$10 thousand blinds” the mayor spent on his office and the hiring his relatives. “Lantigua… has managed to put many members of his family on the payroll,” charged McPhee, “including his daughter and purported son who was discovered on the payroll – hired in January – shortly after (he) took office.”

Meas observed Lantigua’s defiant refusal to grant McPhee her request to interview him. “He stood there like a gangster,” he recalled. “At one point I thought there was going to be a fist fight (between Lantigua and McPhee).” Meas admitted on the podcast that McPhee’s confrontation with Lantigua left him “speechless” from shock. “(Lantigua’s arrogance) was reminiscent of what I witnessed in Cambodia,” mused Meas. “His actions (were tantamount to that of) a dictator. He did not give (McPhee) or afforded (her) any respect. None whatsoever. He was arrogant.” The Haverhill Republican felt the dustup between Lantigua and McPhee was symbolic of a much larger problem extending from Lawrence to every community throughout the country. “The political elites (from both parties) have hijacked everything in this country,” opined Meas. “Look at Lawrence. Look at Beacon Hill. Look at Capitol Hill…. They think they can get away with anything.”

On the subject of Meas’ campaign to become Congressman for the Fifth District, McPhee marveled over his “amazing” personal story and characterized it as emblematic of “the America that I love.” She thanked him for accepting her invitation to bear witness to “some of the arrogance we are fighting against, day in and day out, in this state”. Meas, in turn, reiterated his desire to “bring the government back so that the people are really running the country, not… the elites like Willie Lantigua” whose characterization by McPhee as a self-styled “Tony Soprano of Lawrence” found resonance with Meas. “(Lantigua) doesn’t seem to care about the people,” he added. “He seems to be only caring about himself.”

The podcast had its moments of humor. When McPhee asked Meas if he was “grateful to be alive,” the Haverhill Republican answered in the affirmative adding “(grateful in) surviving the Khmer Rouge, the Killing Fields (of Cambodia) , and surviving the jeep ride (to Lawrence City Hall) with you.” To listen to Michelle McPhee’s audio podcast in its entirety, go to the Boston Talks website at…

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