MassGOP: Patrick Playing Politics, This Time with Health Care

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Emails Reveal Truth; MassGOP Calls for Full Disclosure

BOSTON – The Patrick-Murray Administration is playing politics with health insurance rates, making decisions that “would most likely cause 'a train wreck,'” according to internal emails reported by the Associated Press. In light of the startling admission by a senior health care official, the Massachusetts Republican Party today called on the Patrick Administration to release all documents detailing how the rate decisions were made.
The email is just the latest in a long string of electronic documents from key officials that undermine the public trust in the Democrat administration.  In well-documented instances, the Patrick-Murray Administration has said one thing publicly, but internal emails reveal something completely different. 

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Nassour stated: “These emails make it clear the Patrick Administration is trying to score political points by artificially capping health care costs and risking the solvency of insurance companies that people rely on for medical coverage. In order for people to trust this Administration, Governor Patrick should immediately order the release of all documents used to determine the health care rates so they may be reviewed by independent experts.  Sadly, it's difficult to trust the Patrick Administration because time and again their public comments have been contradicted by emails.”

A string of emails, relating to Jim Aloisi, Marian Walsh, and the Gloucester Charter School, have made a train wreck out of the Patrick Administration's credibility:

Email train wreck: “A top state insurance official said that health insurance caps the Patrick administration placed on major insurers could cripple them financially and would most likely cause 'a train wreck,' according to an e-mail obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press.

“The April 6 e-mail, obtained following a public records request, showed that Deputy Insurance Commissioner Robert Dynan warned that the caps could cause insolvency at the insurance companies. Dynan also wrote that the caps were imposed 'against my objections' and without his input.”

Mass. official: Gov premium caps faulted in e-mail, The Associated Press, June 8, 2010

The Rubin Email: “Contradicting a series of steadfast denials, internal e-mails show that Governor Deval Patrick's top aides controlled the appointment of state Senator Marian Walsh to a high-paying job at a state authority, from setting her salary to crafting her job description.

“They also provided the agency's talking points for the news media in an attempt to quell a public uproar.

“'I'm going to send you a proposed job description from [Patrick chief of staff Doug Rubin] soon,' Patrick senior adviser Jay Gonzalez told the two top officials at the Massachusetts Health and Education Facilities Authority in a March 11 e-mail.”

Patrick aides directed hiring, The Boston Globe, March 28, 2009

The Aloisi Email: “Aloisi said at the time that Grabauskas was behind an effort to raise subway, train, and bus fares, but e-mails obtained by the Globe later showed just the opposite. In fact, it was Aloisi who had been pushing a fare hike and resisting a plan by Grabauskas to delay one.”

Embattled transit chief Aloisi quits, The Boston Globe, September 12, 2009

The Reville Email: “In the e-mail, Education Secretary Paul Reville told the commissioner of elementary and secondary education that rejection of the Gloucester charter school proposal, along with the probable rejection of two other pending charter proposals, would send the wrong signal.

“ 'Our reality is that we have to show some sympathy in this group of charters or we’ll get permanently labeled as hostile and that will cripple us with a number of key, moderate allies,’’ Reville wrote on Feb. 5. “It really is a matter of positioning ourselves so that we can be viable to implement the rest of our agenda. It’s a tough but necessary pill to swallow.’”

A political swirl on charter schools, The Boston Globe, September 22, 2009

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