Mass. Gov. Patrick receptive to sales tax holiday

So let me get this straight. Deval Patrick supports a 25% increase in the sales tax and it passes. Then he says he will support a sales tax holiday. We either need the money or we don’t.

BOSTON-Gov. Deval Patrick says he would support a sales tax holiday this summer if the state can afford it.

The Democrat made the statement Monday, despite offering a budget with service cuts triggered by falling tax collections. The House and Senate have also passed budgets that would make 4-percent local aid cuts to cities and towns.

And all three budget proposals are balanced with $700 million in federal aid that remains in doubt.

Huh? I thought we were doing 4% cuts to chapter 70 funding because we have no money.

Patrick says he’s “very interested in” a sales tax holiday if the state can afford it, but adds he isn’t confidence of that yet.…

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