Martinez Earns Endorsements of national heroes

Concord – On a beautiful Tuesday morning (June 29, 2010), at picturesque Minuteman Historical Park, and with the legendary Old North Bridge serving as a backdrop, Sandi Martinez, candidate for State Senate from the Third Middlesex District, gave tribute to Americas Veterans.

It was the first of Sandi Martinez’s district-wide town-hall forums, and it was focused on veteran’s issues.  There were several distinguished local veterans in attendance, including Robert Fairbairn, Director of the Public Affairs Coalition of Veterans, Police, Firefighters, & Military Families, and Captain Thomas Hudner, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.

Mr. Fairbairn, a recipient of three Purple Hearts, spoke passionately about the sacrifices that are born every day by the men and women of our armed forces.  He told moving stories of soldiers who have endured unspeakable hardships.  “Right now there are young (American) warriors all over the world… who are laying their lives on the line.  As a former commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Fairbairn has been an advocate for the protection and mutual interest of all who have received the decoration.   Bob said that he supports Sandi because she “represents what it means to be an American”.  He said that “Sandi needs to be elected so that the people have a voice in the State House”

Tom Hudner, a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, was introduced by Bob Fairbairn at the gathering, which stood in applause.  Tom started his remarks with “I endorse Sandi Martinez for the State Senate!”

“Sandi has distinguished herself as a leader who works tirelessly for the traditional American values.  She was one of the first in New England to get involved as a co-founder and leader in the Tea Party movement, which has empowered citizens to find their voices at the polls” said Hudner.  “Spurred by the Tea Parties, citizen patriots have sent a loud message to Local, Sate, and Federal government that we do not support government without representation, runaway deficits, runaway taxation, and rampant corruption.  The people have said “no” to big government and politics as usual” he said.

Captain Hudner spoke of Martinez’s proud family military tradition, stating that “She has a love of country which was instilled in her by her father, an Air Force fighter pilot, who gave his life in service to this great nation, and that proud military tradition has been passed down to her children, one who served eight years in the US Air Force, and two sons who are both Marines, currently on active duty”.

Hudner praised Martinez’s pledge to make government accountable to the people, and noted that “she is not a divider but a uniter with the experience to unite “we the people” across party lines. ”

Captain Hudner concluded that “Sandi’s a principled and inspirational leader who I am proud to support and endorse.  She’ll be a voice for the people, not only in her district, but for the entire state.”

Martinez was moved by the endorsements from national heroes who represent America’s greatest, Tom Hudner and Tom Fairbairn.  “I am proud and honored to accept these endorsements” she said.  “It means a lot to me and my family.

She Thanked Tom Hudner and Bob Fairbairn for their service, and applauded all of the veterans for their courageous service to our great nation.  She went on to say that “I believe that veterans deserve the very best that we can provide” and she discussed several issues that are unique to veterans.

She pledged to work to ensure that veterans are not discriminated against, and are given appropriate respect.  She pointed out that she “will fight for funding for soldiers’ homes, and any veterans facility here in the State that provide services to those who gave so much”.  Massachusetts job opportunities are dismal for veterans and civilians and Martinez said “as your State Senator I have pledged to fight against excessive and overreaching regulations and taxation that is not growing jobs and has resulted in business leaving or not coming to Massachusetts”.  Martinez is also a strong advocate for ensuring that every veteran has access to the best healthcare available.  

A Blue Star Mother, and Veterans VA Volunteer Coordinator from the Blue Star Moms for the Bedford VA Hospital, Martinez concluded her remarks with a call to get involved and to volunteer to help out at the Hospital.  As the current group of volunteers gets older, we need the younger folks to step up and to serve those who have served with honor.  Volunteering even an hour a month will make a difference in the lives of our veterans.  Please contact Sandi for additional information.

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