Joe “South Shore Republican” Open Thread w/ poll.

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Joe "South Shore Republican" Sheehan Our good friend Joe “South Shore Republican” is one of several guest bloggers here at Red Mass Group.  While he does not have the administrative abilities of the editors, his posts are automatically put on the front page.  Recently, due to his support for the Cahill-Loscocco ticket, this has become a source of controversy for some people who have suggested he lose his front page status.  I disagree with taking this drastic step.

While we are a home for Conservative and Republican politics, Red Mass Group remains an open source forum.  People here are free to post their own opinions even if they happen to disagree with the opinions of the majority or the editors.  In my opinion, people should not face formal punishment for their dissent.  If we do so, we are silencing the debate.

Joe Sheehan is openly supporting the non-Republican ticket.  While I disagree with his choice of candidates, leaving the party reservation on a single race should not be a reason to lose his status here.  Last year I was vocal in my support for Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman over Republican Nominee Dede Scozzafava in the special election for the NY 23 congressional seat.  In 2000, I voted for Libertarian Carla Howell over Republican Jack E. Robinson for United States Senate.  Red Mass Group founder “Patrick” even chose to support Libertarian nominee Bob Barr over John McCain in the 2008 Presidential election as well.  We can not have a “Republican Nominee” style rule unless we are consistent with it 100% of the time.


Last night we learned that Joe Sheehan is now formally been appointed as the Communications Director for the Paul Loscocco for Lieutenant Governor campaign.  This change in status will no doubt cause further concerns.  Red Mass Group, like many political blogs, wears two hats.  We are both media and activists.  Where the line lies between the two is often blurry.

If being a staffer for a campaign were to cause someone to lose their affiliated status with Red Mass Group, we would have to be consistent.  Would this also apply to Republican staffers?  Consultants to campaigns?  Republican State Committee people?  Republican Town Committee chairmen?  Ballot question committees?  PACs?  Lobbyists?  There is no bright and well defined line in this area and I prefer to keep our open source laissez-faire precedent.  

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