Hudak’s Repeal the Bill Tour Resonating: Tierney Responds by Exploiting Taxpayer Dollars


Contact: Aaron Gulbransen, (978) 739-2300

June 17th – (Danvers, MA)

Bill Hudak’s “Repeal the Bill Tour” has been wildly successful, with many citizens throughout the district attending and signing the Hudak Campaign’s petition to repeal the healthcare bill.

“It is clear the citizens of the district want this bill repealed and I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure that happens,” said MA-6 Congressional Candidate Bill Hudak.

“Nancy Pelosi and John Tierney forced this ridiculous bill down the throats of the 6th District. Now Tierney uses taxpayer dollars to issue a politically charged campaign-style mailer filled with falsehoods about the bill,” continued Hudak.

Congressman John Tierney, (D-MA) has been sending out campaign style flyers defending his vote in favor of the healthcare law from his Congressional, not campaign office. The piece looks like a typical election infomercial, not official government business.

Campaign Spokesman, Aaron Gulbransen described the piece: “Inside the piece is a ridiculous defense of the healthcare bill aimed at 6th District seniors, and includes several pieces of misinformation. Huge Medicare cuts are portrayed as ‘strengthening Medicare’. Also included is an often used Pelosi/Tierney claim that healthcare reform ‘reduces the deficit and boosts our economy’.”

In response to this dishonest mail piece and last abuse of Congressman Tierney’s Congressional office, Congressional candidate Bill Hudak says, “I sincerely wish that Congressman Tierney would debate these issues with me publicly and give the people of the 6th District a chance to meet face to face instead sending out this ethically questionable campaign mailer. He should apologize to the citizens of the 6th District for misusing their tax dollars.”

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