FY 2012 and FY 2013..We got a problem!

Last evening I attended a fundraiser for Richard Tisei in Salem. The Swampscott GOP Town Committee and some of our neighbors have become very active. I am proud to say that many of our members were in attendance. One of the topics of conversation amongst the attendees was the issue of fy 2012 and what appears to be a structural deficit of $2 billion plus. During the debate this morning on WRKO it did occur to me that fy 2012 is looking like a complete and total disaster. FY 2011 is certainly a difficult year from a budgetary perspective, but we still have some rainy day money and maybe the feds give us a few dollars.

Does it seem reasonable to ask that all candidates, both statewide and legislative, present a fy 12 (and fy 13?) plan? Charlie Baker has at least presented some reforms that will help narrow the budget gap, but what about Cahill and Patrick? Deval seems to be counting on economic growth which frankly seems almost impossible give how bad the economy is as of today. Cahill has no plan that I have seen.

What is amazing is how quickly the years progress. FY 2010 will soon be over and soon enough FY 2012 dialog starts. I would appreciate understanding how all candidates feel about solving a $2 billion plus problem. Thus far, my neighbor, Charlie Baker is the only candidate to present a blueprint for fiscal reform that includes efficiencies and adult decisions.

My guess is that Deval’s plan will not include property tax relief. On the contrary, unless Patrick and Cahill present a plan that “includes efficiencies and adult decisions,” cities and towns all over the Commonwealth will be making cuts that none of us ever imagined could be possible.  

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