EPA asks ‘Titanic’ director to help stop oil leak – WTF!

Has Washington finally lost all sense of reality?  James Cameron, the renowned Hollywood director, famous for movies such as The Abyss, Titanic and Avatar was called to Washington by the EPA to help brainstorm ideas on how to fix the Obama/BP oil leak that is now ready to make landfall in its fourth US state.  Note to President Obama – this is reality, not make believe!

If there was ever a sign that a US President was in over his head, this is it!  I see the correlation as James Cameron made a movie about the ocean, but let’s get real.  Maybe the real correlation is that the oil leak is a ‘titanic’ problem for Obama.

At the very least shouldn’t Obama and the EPA have called in more qualified people from Hollywood?

For instance: Mel Gibson starred in ‘WaterWorld”.  And Moe, Larry and Curly starred in a comedic short titled “Oils well that ends well”.  Or how about Bob Denver who starred in “Gilligan’s Island”?  At least we could have John Kerry play Thurston Howell III.  A natural would be Ben Affleck, who played a member of a deep core drilling team in Armageddon.  Ben is already a flaming liberal….

Dick Morris had this to say about Obama’s performance on the oil leak:

America is watching the president alternate between wringing his hands in helplessness and pointing his finger in blame when he should be solving the most pressing environmental problem America has faced in the past 50 years. We are watching generations of environmental protection swept away as marshes, fisheries, vacation spots, recreational beaches, wetlands, hatcheries and sanctuaries fall prey to the oil spill invasion. And, all the while, the president acts like a spectator, interrupting his basketball games only to excoriate BP for its failure to contain the spill.

And, oddly, to his passivity as well. After pursuing a remarkably activist, if misguided and foolhardy, agenda, Obama seems not to know what to do and finds himself consigned to the roles of observer and critic.

America is getting the point that its president doesn’t have a clue.

I can only hope that BP gets this thing figured out by Thursday at noontime.  After that the President will be singularly focused on the Celtics vs Lakers and we won’t see his sorry *ss for about a week.  Now that I think about it – maybe that is just what we need…..

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