Email to Cynthia Creem’s Legislative Counsel

Dear Michael,

Thank you for taking my call this afternoon and discussing my suggestion for fixing the Transgender bill and getting it out of study.

To reiterate my request to you, I am hoping that the Committee members and/or the Chairperson will all be made aware of the issues I tried to bring to their attention regarding some of the more radical claims of transgender activists (aka “Postgenderists” and “Transhumanists”) that people will soon be able to reproduce using stem-cell derived artificial sperm and eggs as either sex, with someone of either sex, and that there is a right to attempt transgendered or same-sex reproduction as soon as the technology is available.

I understand that you had not been aware of either this area of research or the claims for it to be a right, and I want to insure that the legislature is not also going to say that “this is the first I’ve heard of it” when someone asks them about it.  I want to insure that the legislature, starting with the Judicial Committee studying this bill, has been made aware, and is on record as having been made aware, that there is such a thing as stem cell derived gametes and people who are researching and expecting a right to attempt to reproduce as their new sex, or with someone of their same sex.

It’s not necessary for anyone to declare a position on this right at this point, which is why my suggested clarifying paragraph only states that “nothing in the bill implies a right to reproduce as the new sex or fully become the new sex”.  That way the question could be studied on its own in more detail, when the time comes.

So, what I request is a signed letter from the Chairperson confirming that the Committee is now aware of the possibility of transgendered reproduction and same-sex conception using artificially derived genetically modified gametes, and that there is a question as to whether there is a right to attempt to procreate as either sex, and that they are taking my suggestion into consideration as they study the bill and its legal implications.

And then, of course, I hope they add my paragraph to the bill and release it from study, to be passed and signed into law.

Thank you,

John Howard

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