Deval Pushing for More Gun Laws

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Besides creating a one-gun-a-month limit, Patrick’s bill would let Massachusetts district attorneys seek to deny bail to those charged with illegally possessing a firearm.

The bill would also tighten laws governing who may handle machine guns, including those fired at gun clubs and shooting ranges.

The House voted 111-32 to send the bill back to the Judiciary Committee.  My frustration with the mainstream media’s inability to provide roll calls continues.  I have included more information on H. 4102 from the Gun Owner’s Action League below the fold.

Full Text: H. 4102


Gun Owner’s Action League

   *  Creates the “One Gun Month Law” more commonly referred to as the “Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act” that imprisons lawfully licensed citizens for buying more than one gun a month.

   * Amends the dangerousness statute, a subject the House of Representatives already took up.

   * Changes the definition of a firearm to include parts that “which will or is designed to or may readily be converted”.

   * Creates a 10 year prison sentence for possession of a firearm while attempting to commit a misdemeanor and threatening force against another. This is very loose language that could be troublesome to lawful gun owners.

   * Would allow the State Police to destroy surrendered guns.

   * Changes the public record laws providing licensed dealers with information regarding lawful gun owners. This is part of the “Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act.”

   * Places further restrictions on the licensing and handling of machine guns. A matter already heavily regulated on the federal and state level.

   * Adds more language to background check laws.

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