Deval Patrick & John Kerry in Stimlus Failure

 Boston Globe:

Top state prosecutors are questioning why Governor Deval Patrick’s administration failed to deliver on what they said was a promise to give them $4.1 million in federal stimulus funds.

“John Kerry told us we were going to get $4.1 million. Minimum,” Blodgett said during a break in the Massachusetts District Attorney’s Association meeting. “He helped put it in. We were supposed to get it. And we didn’t get it.”


This is how government expansion works:

1) Promise the world for “about a cup of coffee per day.”

2) Fail to deliver.

3) Open big budget deficits.

4) Raise taxes.

Now wait for the fun part.  Somehow, someway, this will be blamed on Charlie Baker.  I don’t know how, but I’m sure the MassDems will figure something out.  Sure, they may get an “F” in Math, but they always get an “A” in Creative Writing.

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