Deval Patrick can’t ALWAYS be wrong

Or can he?

A broken clock is still right twice a day. A blind squirrel will still find a nut occasionally. According to the Legislature’s Democratic Caucus, not so Governor Patrick at least as far as the budget goes.

My campaign’s Research Director and I just finished reviewing the Legislative Record of roll call votes since 2007. Over that time, Governor Patrick has issued over 150 budget related vetoes reducing or eliminating line items.

My opponent for State Representative in the Eighth Suffolk, Representative Martha “Marty” Walz has voted in support of sustaining the Governor’s budget vetoes, a fellow Democrat…NEVER!

Now I can understand that she always voted against Governor Romney’s budget vetoes. I could understand if she only voted to sustain Governor Patrick’s vetoes 25, 50 or maybe 75 times but never? Not once in 150+ opportunities?

Massachusetts has a budget crisis. Reasonable people can argue whether it is because of reduced revenues or excessive spending but I believe it is hard to argue that Governor Patrick has never had an idea regarding cutting spending that was worthy of Representative Walz’s support.

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  • Very good point Brad!  

  • And people in Boston will not support you if you spend all day every day bashing Deval.  You have found a great issue and be you can find a few votes where you agree with Deval and Marty did not.  Noone wants a sycophant or a career hack – they want independent thinkers who will work with people on both sides of the aisle.  Nice job

  • GOPSue and Fedup,

    Thanks for commenting on my post. I apologize for not getting back here sooner.

    I have spoken with Democrats in the district and it has resonated.