Dan Kennedy: Drip Drip Drip on Rep. Perry

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I have commented so many times to communicate how strongly I feel about the reported disgusting behavior of Rep Perry's as a sworn officer of a local Police Departmen.

 Now this from a trusted media critic, Dan Kennedy of Media Nation.

 I know there are many many fervernt supporters of Rep Perry's candidacy and I truly respect their opinons, so I'm interested in what they think.l

 George Brennan of the Cape Cod Times reports that Cape Cod congressional candidate Jeff Perry’s version of what he did as a Wareham police sergeant following the strip-search of a 16-year-old girl on New Year’s Eve 1992 does not match up with what he claimed he did when questioned about it last month.


Pretty strong suff.

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  • nomad943

    Do you realy want to know? lol

    TAlk about slime, how about that SC governors race 🙂

  • BrocktonDave

    I read the original posts about this situation.

    If this is true, it’s pretty damning.

    I wonder where this story was when Rep. Perry was running for Rep?

    How did he get elected with this kind of skeleton in his closet?

    Unless it’s been vetted before?

  • Media critic Dan Kennedy is trusted by whom, exactly?

  • If you carefully read the articles, you will see that Perry went to the parents house that night, on New Years Eve, and the girl was not home to tell her side of the story. He reported to them that their daughter may have been hiding drugs, and that the officer performed what he claimed was a legitimate search of the girl. This claim later turned out to be untrue, the officer actually performed an illegal search. Perry was unaware of the other side of the story until the next day, when the parents came into the station to share their daughters story. At that point Perry immediately filed the report. The Times is careful to disguise this because they are determined to destroy the momentum that has been built up behind the Jeff Perry campaign for Congress. A one day lapse in a police report shows no evidence of a cover-up. Jeff Perry is an outstanding candidate for Congress who is truly committed to taking back the seat of the people and working for causes that will help citizens of the 10th district.

  • to go against the POSITIVE messages that Jeff Perry’s candidacy brings to the south coast, then, by ALL MEANS, they go straight to the personal attack!

    Let us instead discuss the important ISSUES that Representative Perry has brought to the public table.  We NEED someone in Washington who has the strength to be a major player as Congress attempts to rein in our out-of-control government and bring it back to conform with our Constitution and the values of the founding fathers.  Jeff Perry has demonstrated time and again on Beacon Hill that HE IS THAT MAN!

    We have been very fortunate to have Jeff Perry as our representative for these past 8 years…someone we can be PROUD to say is OUR representative. I believe you should put more consideration into the remarks from his constituents than listening to these muckrakers.  

    This 17-year-old matter has already been investigated by the proper authorities and publicly discussed, with absolutely NO wrongdoing found on the part of this fine man.  To continue to assault his character is ‘disgusting behavior’ to me, StartedoutRepublican!  Shame on each and every one of them!  They must feel quite threatened by the POSITIVE message Representative Perry is bringing to the campaign.  

    It will NOT work…they will soon learn, as others have discovered all across the country, that AMERICANS do NOT like muckraking!  Stick to the issues!

    Electing Jeff Perry to Congress will be good for our District, for the Commonwealth and for the entire country!

  • What has happened to honest journalism these days. For decades the Cape Cod Times endorsed Ted Kennedy without ever mentioning his many past indiscretions, one of which resulted in the negligent death of a staffer. However with a conservative Republican the editor sees no issue reaching back nearly two decades to question decisions made by a then twenty-something year old police officer.

    The explanation that Mr. Perry has given for what transpired all those years ago as well as the documented record seem to indicate that if you’re going to condemn him, then you must also condemn the entire Wareham police department since virtually every other police officer in the department was willing to defend the accused co-worker. Other facts relative to past incidents with the offending officer did not come to light until after the second offense.

    The bottom line is that this was a non-story eight years ago when Jeff Perry first ran for the State Representative seat and it is even less of one now. It is unfortunate that the Cape Cod Times has done more digging into Jeff Perry’s past than the national media ever did on the current President of the United States.

  • I’ve followed this closely over the past several weeks and, although it may make fine tabloid headlines, it fails to pass the sniff test for scandal.  How is it that this record of many years ago has such weight now?  It even was reported on in the final weeks leading to Perry’s first victory but was neither taken up by the regional media nor did it adversly effect the election.  Nor those of the following three election cycles.  Me thinks there’s a dirty rat amongst his opponents who recognizes they cannot compete by talking about the issues.  I see Jeff’s record as a Legislator to be a stellar one and know that we need more such thinkers in Congress.  To Jeff Perry I say  ….Onward!!  I’ve got another contribution headed your way, Mr. Perry.  Thank you for taking the high road.

  • Dan Kennedy is the guy who tried to vilify Bill Hudak some time ago. Now he’s after Jeff Perry. Kennedy is a hard left writer who get pleasure from dragging reputations through the mud. I’ll bet he’s never spoken directly to Jeff Perry.

    Shouldn’t a responsible, trusted source, journalist do that?

    Perry is a decent, trustworthy man, who will be a fine Member of Congress.  


  • Knightbrigade

    was Perry the Tea Partier who supposedly used the “N” word and spit at congressmen as reported by Huffington Post?….. Oh wait, that was ANOTHER story trumped here to see “WHAT WE THINK” about SUPPOSED events.

    Huffpo, Dan Kennedy ..same sh*& different pile who CARES what they have to say about ANYTHING!!

    For the record, IF Perry DID do anything wrong with a 16 year old girl of course everyone would be outraged.

    But until that is EVER made clear, this story is nothing more than BS instead of staying on the ISSUES…

  • The Reference to Cape Cod today. The owner, Walter Brooks is a over the edge left wing Democrat. He makes Move ON .ORG look conservative. One writer to the Left sided daily on Cape Cod, stated it perfectly in yesterday letter to the editor. It’s Blog Trash.

    Rep Jeff Perry’s run is being attacked to hide the true facts on what the Democrats have failed to do for the taxpayers in this state. The record of failure by Mr. Delahunt and the Democrats for this district is the main issue not Blog Trash by Cape Cod Today or the Cape Cod Daily Worker.

    Jeff Perry will win the nomination and go on to win in November because of the issues, Not Blog Trash.

  • The Cape Cod Times writes an interesting editorial today (Thursday)  They are basically asking is enough…enough?

    Did Jeff perry explain the incidnet to the best of his ability given the length of time between the incident and the current re-dredging of it.  What’s their game?  I believe they are baiting him.  They (George Brennan and the Editorial Board) are not done with this.  It sells newspapers and the Times needs to do this badly (check their circulation figures)  Jeff, Don’t fall for it.  The people believe you and not the Muckrakers.  Stand Tall!    

  • With all the crap that goes down in this commonwealth, this is a career-ending scandal ?  Fully vetted years ago.  Let’s get back to issues.  

  • This stinks of O’Leary or Keating’s people.  

    I’m guessing the Liberals are scared of Jeff’s growing momentum, and this smear piece is nothing more than a desperate attempt at character assassination.  

    When in doubt, go negative.  A page right out of Marsha’s playbook.

    So, StartedoutRepublican, which one of these Dem hacks are you supporting??